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“To Be, or not 212(a)(3)(B)… That Is the Question.”


UPDATE: Funny that the Ruskies had Momma on tap, yeh?  The “knock-off jihadis” model is unravelling.

Our buddy Abdul Rahman Ali (Who?) seems to have attracted a lot of undesired attention.

. . .


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The Blaze is on the, um, trail. (Sorry – Ed.) They have a number of questions about Alharbi (and one ought not be surprised should they have answers, too.)

One guess out there is that the triggers were in external transmitters operated by a second party (or parties.) One transmitter-receiver may have been low-signal (perhaps noise, perhaps RF attenuation) but the trigger man had to get perilously close, close enough to get hurt.  (That, or he wasn’t all that bright, know what I mean? – Ed.)  Blowing yourself up is the work of the Wiley Coyote, not of a “genius” running  two mules. Well, the “genius” damn near blows himself up but does get himself tackled, arrested and tagged 212(a)(3)(B) after an extensive search of his apartment.  Then a mumm-ification courtesy of a soddy diplomat and a lib judge.  Amateur all the way, baby.  Which suggests that the Bros back home weren’t unanimously in on it.

And to put bacon on this turkey (Mmmmm! Bacon! – Ed.) the timing couldn’t have been worse for those hoping to obtain sympathy resulting in release for The Blonde Sheik. (Perhaps he has opponents at home hoping to keep him locked-up, yes? – Ed.)  Well, Ockham’s Razor rather suggests the doofus scenario.  We need more data.

…and yours truly would like to know if there were two trigger men.  Perhaps a trip to the attic is in order.

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  1. 2013/05/03 15:17

    Yos, I missed this link earlier. Thank you. Now days later, we know we will never get the answers to this 212 3B story. Glenn Beck is not going to be able to finish it. DHS says it was simply issued to keep him from leaving the U.S. until they investigated. How often are these issued? How often are they rescinded. Why is a 212 3B not issued every time a person is added to our famously ignored terror watch list matrix?

    Among all this, what really struck me about Beck’s reporting is that last January we gave Saudi Arabia “trusted status” meaning that they decide who comes here and who does not. They do the vetting. They pick the students coming here, along with any other Saudi wanting to come, and we trust them to make the right choice. If reporting is correct on this part of the story, Israel has applied for “trusted status” but Obama hasn’t signed the “papers.” The UK, Germany and France do not have “trusted status.” Maybe they haven’t applied to do so. I don’t know how it works, but…Saudi Arabia!

  2. 2013/08/06 07:40

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