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Punished With A Baby?


UPDATE: Lin has a point or two to add.

Because his case proves there is no difference between killing a baby then removing it, and removing a baby then killing it.

Baby killing Abortion:  it’s just a matter of geography.

One’s mind reels.

Long ago the terms ‘right to choose’ and ‘abort’ referred to the early pregnancy being terminated.  Somewhere along time’s line the words began to mean (more honestly, paradoxically enough) the killing of the child in-utero during the second trimester. “Abort the fetus.” Fetus.  As this hardening of the senses took hold… the practice of abortion shifted to actual “partial birthing” of the child to be murdered with scissors – with horrid, predictable results.   Results that include utter decay of the senses; complete abandonment of all ethics and morals; and worst of all, total loss of our understanding of what it means to be a human, to have been created in G-d’s sacred image.

Where is our self discipline? Where is G-d?

A portion of our society has devolved into infanticidal monsters – for Gosnell would have sold nothing without thousands upon thousands of willing buyers.

Simultaneously we engage in rank hypocrisy.

On the one hand, our leaders would deny responsible adults the right of self defense – deny them their G-d given moral duty to defend themselves, their families and property from tyranny – whilst allowing their children the “right” to murder their child as if their unplanned pregnancy was a disease.  Yet we sexualize our kids on television and advertising – and then we turn on them for acting out publicly!?

It’s no wonder that The Village… has turned out one H-ll of a lot of idiots, yeh?

(Lest followers of this blog gloat about the West’s problems, note well that even the religion of piece is rife with moral sickness. Can you spell “clitoridectomy?” Yep. Knew you qud. – Ed.)

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  1. libertarian advocate permalink
    2013/05/05 15:33

    May G-d have mercy on their souls. [Ya, I know they’re atheists]

    • 2013/05/05 18:34

      Dunno. I hope rather that people like Gosnell, the Won and his ilk are Judged fairly and let their souls fall as they may.

  2. 2013/05/06 22:27

    well said, Yos. well said.

    • 2013/05/07 00:57

      “Because his case proves there is no difference between killing a baby then removing it, and removing a baby then killing it.

      Baby killing Abortion: it’s just a matter of geography.”


      • 2013/05/07 03:03

        say thanks for adding me in. The abortion debate is normally dominated by either the prochoice narrative regarding “women’s rights” or the prolife point about logic and morality (ie, drawing gestational lines is an arbitrary rationalization of murder).

        Gosnell transcends all that, just laying out the truth in stark photos and testimony. The reality that monster laid bare is far too uncomfortable for any committed prochoice person to contemplate.

        my best

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