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The Left Losing its Mojo


The Won’s pater politicus goes twitchy claiming that his bombs were, like, so totally different that the Tsarnaevs’.

The Won himself, our marginally documented Golfer in Chief, begs today’s grads to “Pay No Heed To Those Worryworts Who Fear that Government May Grow Vast and Then Into Tyranny” blah blah blah…

Winners don’t need to go negative or play defense.  They have plenty to fear; the whole damned game is falling apart.

There was something of the Hand of the Almighty in the coincidence of flag-stomping Ayers’ NYT hagiography and 9/11.  What a way to launch the third millenium!

Today witnesses the coincidence of the Gosnell trial and the arrests of Castro murder and slavery gang;

The rise of the muslim Brotherhood in North Africa and the betrayal of our Libyan Ambassador and the explosion of poverty in the ME;

The slumping of global temperature curves just as the Left claims the world must be rescued, via the force of government, from global warming;

This Administration in power as security crumbles and the major economies of the world swirl the porcelain.

Not exactly good for the Left’s brand, yeh?

We’re subtly reminded each morning at prayer to give thanks, even for those things that may (at first) seem unfortunate, for if they don’t yield an unpredictable result they may teach a lesson instead.  So perhaps we ought to give true Thanks that the most incompetent, bumbling idiot we’ve ever had as President had promised to “fundamentally transform” America.  He may well meet his objective, but from the looks of the way this tide is going, it won’t be what he’d hoped.

The Left losing its mojo… it’s a beautiful thing.

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