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Giovanni Boldini et Madame de Florian


Our friend Chuck alerted us today to a fascinating story that includes one of our favorite artists, Giovanni Boldini.

His muse, Marthe de Florian, was a stunner. She quit Paris for the South of France in 1939 to avoid the Hun. Even after the war ended she never returned. In her apartment, left abandoned after 7 decades, were found items that included a portrait of Marthe by Giovanni… and his love note. (…and what a portrait!)

Inside the Paris apartment untouched for 70 years: Treasure trove finally revealed after owner locked up and fled at outbreak of WWII”

. . .


. . .

With a glance one can see why Boldini was smitten.

Thanks Chuck!

For those interested in other works by Boldini, a gallery of his works is here.

For LA:

. . .

Boldini woman in red

La Femme en Rouge, Giovanni Boldini

. . .

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  1. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2013/05/13 19:11

    Youch. Very lovely. Smitten indeed; Me too, 7 decades after the fact.

  2. 2013/05/14 11:53

    Now THAT is a painting.

  3. 2013/05/14 12:23

    Gents, glad you like her.

  4. Luke Gardner permalink
    2013/05/14 19:12

    I see that Boldini painted a portrait of J.S. Sargeant who in turn painted a portrait of the famous spouse of one of my forbears.

    Also, the online Boldini gallery has a great painting of a “Woman in Red” worthy of Chris DeBurgh’s song of nearly the same title.

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