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Dr. Keith Ablow: Is Obama Waging Psychological Warfare on Americans?


Via Fox News:

I assert that this administration is engaged in a coordinated attempt to dispirit, disarm and disenfranchise large portions of the American population and to weaken our founding principles through what is best understood as psychological warfare.

Dear reader, please follow the link for Dr. Ablow’s article. Thank-you.

. . .

Ah! Good to have you back. Psychological warfare indeed. One may wonder, however, if we might have predicted this coming for quite some time.

Not to blame the victim in this case, but the old adage “No Good Deed Shall Go Unpunished” applies especially where the deed is not good but rather our own cheating.  Additional psychological elements are at play: Anger, Self-hatred and ultimately, Projection.

In general terms, the problem starts when we coddle and spoil those mediocrities amongst us who, under normal stress, may well have matured, excelled and succeeded on their own.  Alas, when we rob them of the opportunity to fail, we also deprive them of the opportunity to earn self-respect.  Do you follow, dear reader?

The specific case in point of anger and self-hatred is one pothead named Barry who’s entire graduate education was purchased for him by the favors of others.  He was hoisted aloft into a milieu of achievers and critical thinkers, whilst knowing all too well that he hadn’t climbed to such altitude on his own. Even a bright, outgoing mediocrity would feel inadequate at Harvard (but imagine if you will an inarticulate, illiterate dullard at Harvard Law.)

Barry then faced the difficulty of having to justify his position to himself and simultaneously repress an awareness of eternal indebtedness. It is understood by one who has earned success and status the normal way that it belongs to him; his debt is gratitude and humility. For the spoiled, however, there will always be the reverse; the debt is a feeling of being owned, his feelings bitterness.  Do we understand Barry’s predicament?

Then there was the daily grind of patronization from others – patting little Barry on the head, “such a clean and articulate“, er, young man. There were plenty of other personal contradictions to face as well – It’s “A Man’s World” after all.  It would only be a matter of time before his anger and self-loathing were projected onto the collective – in this case, America.

Bill and Bernadine knew exactly who they had invited into their living room when they launched his political career.

. . .

Do you, dear reader, feel dispirited?  Yours truly does not.  Rather inspired.

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