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Limbaugh: America In The Midst of a Coup d’Etat


Have you heard those inane, insulting government-sponsored radio spots promoting “anti-bullying” campaigns at our schools? The hypocrisy runs more than a little below the surface, especially in context of the present corruption eruption. (…and you thought the “bimbo eruptions” were a big deal? – Ed) Rush Limbaugh cut to the chase on Friday:

RUSH: The people on the other side of the glass: “Will you dial that coup talk back?” That’s all the headlines are gonna be.

Please read America In The Midst of a Coup d’Etat.


RUSH: Late yesterday afternoon I was sitting in the library at home, and I was just swamped. It seemed like every 90 seconds somebody needed something, or somebody had a question or somebody had a comment, requiring my response. It was during the period of time that I generally devote to reading my tech blogs, you know, where I abandon all of this and get away from it and start spending time on, quote, unquote, my hobby.

But it was one of those days.

The point Limbaugh was making Friday might be explained further in terms of Liberty: One does not “fundamentally transform” America without destroying Liberty and every value of American society upon which it is founded.

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