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Boberg XR9-[L]-FB; Ruger SR22 Range Trial


What a morning!

Your scribe was treated to a brace of sidearms owned (and packed) by a special friend out East.
(I owe you a beer or three, LA!    Thank-you, THAT was great. – Ed)

First up was the Boberg XR9-S with a special production fluted barrel. [Er, the XR9-L, with the long barrel. (Note the embarrassed grin. – Ed.)]

Five-shot double-taps and singles consistently put controlled* shots into a group of three inches at 25′. For a middling shooter, that was unpredicted and most satisfying.  Here’s the thing: [The ‘S’] looks like a snubby, but it boasts a full 3″ barrel.  Head, throat, COM – point [the L] and that’s where it goes.

(*Serious coffee and yours truly’s greater familiarity with the (much longer and heavier) SA 1911-A1 did admit a few flinched droppers. Totally unnecessary given the Luger rounds. But the Boberg is so light!  Bond… should drydock the PPK and tuck this baby.)

Conclusion: The Boberg XR9-[L] -FB deserves an ‘A’ for accuracy and an ‘A’ for power, and a ‘B’ for comfort and a ‘B’ for aiming.

Then the Ruger SR22.  This is no mere plinker.

Those familiar with the Walther P22 will find this to be a clone of sorts.  However… This lil’ puppy will eat almost any 22LR round without jamming or short-stroking.

Here’s what really counts:  At 25′, your middling shooter put 5 shot groups consistently into 2 to 3″ clusters – and fast! This is a 22 worthy of the late, great Col. Jeff Cooper.  He noted that even “the lowly 22” was adequate force if the shots are well placed.

It gets better:  The trigger is comfortable and predictable.  The grip is near perfect.  The sights are clear and very easy to align. Your (sometimes) humble scribe has shot just about every Ruger 22 handgun over the years, with less that enthusiastic response.  This one is a keeper, and a very serious option for the shooter looking for a light, small CCW.

The Ruger SR22 deserves an ‘A’ for accuracy and an ‘C’ for power, an ‘A’ for comfort and an ‘A’ for aiming. Bonus points for the cost of shooting.


UPDATE: Thanks LA!  Sorry readers for the blooper.

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  1. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2013/06/24 20:05

    Ummm we shot the XR9-L. That said, the Shorty is also a fantastic pistol.

  2. 2013/06/26 16:16

    And I think it’s still possible to buy .22 ammo! Another bonus.

    • 2013/06/28 22:51

      Amen, Steven! Paraphrasing Col. Jeff Cooper… shot placement is everything; the .22 is friendly to extended practice and recoils only mildly.

      …and as LA pointed out, the magazines hold quite a few rounds.

  3. 2013/07/07 02:29

    When it comes to making .22 pistols, Ruger wrote the book.

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