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Rubio, Ryan and RINOs… Immigration Bait & Switch, or “How To Be Played by Democrats”


Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan… Such compassionate conservatives they are, yes? “Undocumented immigrants! We have to do something!, right?” No. Stop for a while, and survey the field.

There is one aspect of the continued demographic shift in this Nation that is being ignored by Liberal Republicans: Demos and Liberals are in end-game. The future is Conservatives’ to lose. Democrat strategists loath it, Liberal Republican strategists fear it, and both are near panic.

Liberals got what they demanded in Roe and with the “pill,” and they got it good and hard. They’ve aborted and “family planned” themselves into demographic suicide. 2000’s squeaker of a loss by Gore to Bush in Florida can be accounted directly to Roe v Wade alone: At that point in history, roughly a quarter million children of liberals were missing from Florida’s voter registration rolls. Had the statistical norm of about a third of them been able to exercise their franchise, Al Gore would have been President. Alas, they never made it to the polls. Poor kids. Millions upon millions more of their brothers and sisters across the nation likewise will never vote. If and when Conservatives and Constitutionalists bother to show-up at the polls, Demos are toast.

So? Where to find millions of new statist voters dependent upon Democrats and their RINO enablers? The answer is simple… import them.

The problem for Democrats is that they are less popular than ever and thus less likely to successfully lead any major new legislative rape of the Nation or it’s Constitution. For Democrats to achieve their purchase of new voters, they must do it as a masterful bait and switch and have the Republicans do the hard selling. For master baiters Liberals are indeed, and they can count on the Stupid party to fall for it every time.  Thus it is no accident that Marco Rubio was selected as the Senate’s salesman for “comprehensive immigration reform” and Paul Ryan as his counterpart in the House.

The Bait?  A pair of thousand-plus page bills that would be sold under “Republican” leadership that will, in Conference, legalize millions of Constitutionally unsupportable second-class denizens.

The Switch?  By SCOTUS, of course.  Within weeks – nay, hours – of the signing, Democrats will be suing for the full “rights” of these “temporaries” to be made Constitutionally whole, victims of eeeevil Republicans.

The Results?  What, a thousand-page bill just to legalize new Demos?  One hardly knows where to begin describing the fallout.

For starters, when Ryan and Rubio sell us all the “good” intentions of CIR, we’re being sold a bill of goods indeed.  They lie outright about the final bill’s results:  Both are aware that the Constitution abhors class distinction. “All men are created equal” is not merely a sentiment, it is a Constitutional imperative. “Back of the line” will be equated to “back of the bus” and the old game will be adjudicated “over.”  Within a year, Liberals and Democrats will have (imported) a replacement for every missing child with surplus galore.  Problem solved.

The resulting shockwave of new Democrats will have permanent and totally destructive effect upon the Idea of America.  “Fundamental transformation” is just a euphemism for murder of the Constitution and the nationalization of the Chicago Way.

Mssrs. Rubio and Ryan lie too, by omission.  Another result will be that [ … ] many hidden zombies in any emerging bill [ … ] will wreak havoc upon the Rights of present citizens. Has either gentleman read the entire Senate bill?

Neither of our distinguished Legislators mention the peril such a bill would force upon the Republican Party.  Yours truly will abandon the good ship RINO entirely, along with millions of others. It is likely a new Party will emerge upon constitutionalist and libertarian-conservative lines.  Republicans will be free to continue to swallow W.F. Buckley’s mixture… and choke.  The new Party will rather nominate the most Constitutionalist and Libertarian and Conservative candidates (…and win.)


is, even with (long overdue) collapse of the GOP, will there be such clout in the new Party to stand athwart History and push back hard enough? [I’d rather not have to try the experiment. – Ed.]

As noted, the future is Constitutionalists’ to lose.  The time to win it is right now. It is done by preventing Speaker Boehner from introducing CIP in the House. The next step should be primarying everyone played by the Democrats and Liberals:  Boehner, Rubio and Ryan, Flake and Ayotte, and every Representative and Senator voting with them to let these bills proceed.

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  1. macmanjim permalink
    2013/07/05 16:39

    You don’t give RINOs et al enough credit. They did it willingly, in spite of the fact that illegal immigrants are undocumented democrats. It’s just one more example of doing what is in our worst interest and in the politicians best interest, which is to get reelected. Nothing else matters. They’d sell us to to Chinese if it guaranteed they’d get to stay in office until they reach room temperature. Compassionate? Hardly. 

    • 2013/07/05 17:02

      Points taken.

      Too, I’d almost like to see the expression on a new American’s face when he sees what’s left of his paycheck once all the taxes and deductions are taken. “Ouch!!” You can hear the SNL punchline already… “Ummmm, so how do I revert to being illegal!?”

      • 2013/07/05 18:28

        I want to see the reaction of current legal Americans who lose their jobs as “new provisional” legals take their jobs. Great article Yos, Wish you had time to do more of this. Linked in my left sidebar.

  2. 2013/07/05 19:06

    Thanks Maggie!

    Great week-end.

  3. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2013/07/11 20:52

    Great stuff Yos. Not sure how it is that I missed it earlier. One thing though: If proggers are intent on committing demographic suicide through abortion, I’m not sure I want to stand in their way as they rush toward Lemming Heights Cliff.

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