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Over at Glenn’s:

BIGOTRY IS THEIR MIDDLE NAME: Federal Government Now Endorses Soft Bigotry Of Low Expectations.

Dear reader… It ain’t just the gubmint…

BIGOTRY IS THEIR MIDDLE NAME: [NATIONAL MEDIA] Now Endorses Soft Bigotry Of Low Expectations.

In other words, minority [presidents and government officials] will need to meet lower expectations, while white [male] officials] (and Asians) will be expected to reach higher proficiency levels.

This practice is not new. In an effort to escape [ … ] stringent standards for [“minority” officials], a number of [media outlets granted] a waiver, which would allow [bungling and treacherous “minority” officials, including the President, the Secretary of State and AJUS] to keep [their positions] if their [offices] met a limited number of benchmarks. [ … ] And the Obama administration fully supports this measure, “as long as the low-performing [officials] are required to make greater rates of progress, so that the gap between struggling [officials] and high-achieving [public servants] is cut in half over six years.”

The issue of race is clearly still entangling a society that [is delusional in thinking] of itself as post-racial. Ironically, not only are the [media and] liberal democrats of the Obama administration not raising red flags when [officials fail their duty]; they [all of them] are actively supporting racial profiling in [administration, taxation and even trials.]

In practical terms, this is setting up a system in which some [officials] will think they’ve succeeded as long as the [pandered officials] reach a certain low level of proficiency. Meanwhile, they’ll keep pushing the others to do better. This hardly seems like a behavior we want to incentivize.

Quoth Glenn:  “Depends on what you mean by “we,” I guess.”  Yeppers.

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