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Weiner Campaign’s Electile Dysfunction


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  1. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2013/07/24 15:01

    His continued candidacy – hell, his continued presence on the public stage – speaks eloquently of the dysfunction that New York has become under the Progressives.

    Brings to mind H.L. Menckens observation that [d]emocracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard, though I’d substitute Progressivism for democracy.

    • 2013/07/25 01:21

      I don’t understand the reason for man’s status. He’s not particularly attractive – face like a dog’s butt and totally charmless “personality.” He’s not exactly witty; neither is he gifted intellectually or creatively. A complete washout in the capitalist sector. I wouldn’t let my sister date such a loser.

      By a quirk of fate he became Schmuckie Schumer’s homunculus. Too bad – he ought to be flipping burgers somewhere.

      • Libertarian Advocate permalink
        2013/07/25 11:05

        “By a quirk of fate he became Schmuckie Schumer’s homunculus.”

        And there’s the answer to your first question. Show’s just how much being there impacts political life. That said, Chauncey Gardener is smarter than Anthony Weiner. Not half bad for a fictional character, eh?


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