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Fisking the White Black Democrat


He can’t blame the Teleprompter.

The unforced error of gulf deep ports underscores both his shallowness of intellect and his geographic lacunae.  The guy is a walking SNAFU.

So much for affirmative action … no “good deed” shall go unpunished.

Hat tip InstaPundit.

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  1. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2013/08/09 13:28

    Remember the days when a diligent press corps investigated a certain VP’s spelling of POTATO[E]???

    Me neither.

    • 2013/08/12 01:17

      Don’t remind me. GHWB was a beta male who managed to select down for his Veep pick. Repube candidates s have been cringeworthy since to a man.

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