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Sarah Hoyt: of England and of History Forgotten


We’ve talked about this before, but in fact, I don’t think there has ever been a country like ours, where our elites are deliberately taught – in our best schools – to hate and despise everything that we are, everything that makes us unique.  I don’t think there has ever been another country where our elites are taught to be ashamed to call themselves by our national name.

Or rather, there have been countries like that – but they were countries who’d lost a war, and where the governing elite were in fact puppets of their erstwhile enemy, sent in to utterly destroy what the country used to be and to make sure that it did not rise again and (maybe) next time win the war.

Hmmm. I am old enough to recall precisely another country where the elites were, in fact, taught to feel guilt and to despise their very nation, their Church and even their God.

I speak, sadly, of Mother Britain, of Jolly Olde England, of the Church of England, and of her Majesty’s finest schools… Cambridge, Oxford, London; Harrow, Eton, and Rugby.   Alas, we’ve seen it all before.  Young English lads and lasses as footballs between Fabian Socialist teachers on the one hand and flaming Bolshie Dons at the other.  (It was more often the Fabs who were the flamers, but I digress…)

. . .


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I direct Ms. Hoyt to the photo of Yalta: Messrs. Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin.  Who were the Cambridge Dons and the Labour Party if not puppets of Komrade Stalin?  Stalin had his moles and trolls and fellow travelers well ensconced in both of his enemy’s governments by the time this photo was taken.  Hitler wasn’t on the menu… it was FDR and Winston.

Old Blighty had her moments in war, of course.  The Progies and Komies were finished if they’d ever let England or the UK win anything again.  They got rid of Winston as quickly as they dared following VE Day. The Conservative Party was jammed chock full of Fabian sods by that point.  I direct Ms. Hoyt to Friedrich Hayek’s ‘The Road to Serfdom‘ chronicling the situation.

All Ms. Hoyt needs to do is to review the BBC news of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s to see what the propaganda arm of Her Majesty’s Government had done to the pride of the nation, to her people, her culture and to her future.  Recall Cliveden:  As Mick Flanders quipped, “Where there is smoke, there’s fire: Nil Combustibus Profumo.”

Have a good look, Sarah, at the 1913 Chums Annual and then ask yourself if you’ve ever seen anything like it, or better, if you’ll ever see anything like it again.  Progie bastards took care of that.

England stumbled down this road before us.  Question is… will we reverse course in time?

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  1. 2013/08/15 05:46

    No. The momentum of our progressive educational establishments, the corruption of a “free press” and the weight of an ever increasingly punitive law, order and surveillance government will preclude that. There’s no way they’ll give it up. Once any group gets to a certain size, it’s desire for survival becomes self-evident and a mandate. It’s not a conspiracy as much as what is understood. You can’t have a free people with a government that surveils everyone, uses agencies to punish opposition groups and support, promulgate illegal activities like covering tracks with illegally obtained evidence. These bureaucracies have assumed an autonomy through power that wants more. It’s like feeding a baby baby shark tuna and then after awhile wondering what to do with the megalodon, which now has spawned more. The monster is out of the bag and beyond the control of anyone. The president won’t/can’t do anything and neither will the congress.

    Some with parochial outlooks will say that everything is cyclical and it will come around. Life in conservative corners of the nation do not represent what is going on as a whole. On top of this we are on the cusp of the congress passing an immigration law that will surely transmogrify undocumented democrats into full voting members and the only way “our side” can curry favor is to move to the left with these people and basically be democrats. Rubio is a sham, but guess what? He and the crying asshat will be complicit in selling us down the river. Good luck. Olim is sounding good to me.

  2. 2013/08/15 20:13

    I hate it when I’m stuck having to agree.

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