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Hypothesis: It’ll be Constitutionalist (Rand / Cruz) v. Moderate (Christie / Booker)


Someone on the Left is out for the Clintons

“Ready!” or not, “It’s Her Turn!” might not come.  A number of these unfavorable pieces have sprouted in the last three days.  Reminds one of Egypt: In the process of losing, they’re viciously turning upon themselves.

My guts tell me that the Demos are reading the TEA leaves and see a genuine constitutional Republican in the near future.  Reagan Redux.  Never mind the meme that “It’s Hers to Lose” and that no Republican but a “Moderate” stands a chance.  Rod ‘Em Rodham wouldn’t stand a chance against a wet paper bag.  They sense it and want to clear her from the field now.

Progies being Progies first, any bets the Demos hope to draft Christie or a “moderate” in an effort to “win the middle”?

Then again, with Christie there will be plenty of middle to go around. (cough)


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  1. 2013/08/19 19:29

    Unlike 2012, there will be competition on the democrat side. Hillary probably believes it is her turn and many will agree. If Christie jumped ship, well, good for him and good riddance. Thing is, it’s a rarity to have both chairs from the same state…How about Clinton/Christie?

  2. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2013/08/19 20:28

    You are a slim fellow. This post was intolerant of the rotund.

  3. 2013/08/19 21:09

    Heh. A Clinton/Christie ticket would certainly never be accused of lacking gravitas.

    (YIPES! There I go again…)

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