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To my Christian brothers

…few of you realize it just yet, but there’s a war on – and you’re the target.

I’m beginning to think that the greatest plague sent upon Pharaoh and Egypt wasn’t the killing of the first born.  That… was a warning.

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  1. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2013/08/20 22:54

    All of this of course was entirely predictable when SCoaMF failed to challenge Iran’s Mullahs during the ill-fated Green Revolution. He is now the world’s laughing stock. Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE no longer pay any attention to him or Lurch, preferring instead to handle matters professionally. His legacy is now fully in the shitter.

    • 2013/08/21 12:53

      Ledeen pointed out that the Greens and Mousavi were deserving of our assistance during the Bush regime, too. Never came. (Then again, I’m not so sanguine that the Greens were good guys either. Lack of reports of their objection to Iran’s nuke ambitions suggested a tacit hope that they’d ascend power and keep the weapons program.)

      You’re right about GinC and Lurch/Hillary. What a total SNAFU.

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