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More Retro Fun with All-Natural Recycled Drowned Polar Bear Pelts!


Well kids, this year’s predictions of Gaianic! Terror! and Vengeance! have, er, fizzled. Karen drowned in the Gulf.

(So sad.)

Ok, global warm mongers, here’s something to cheer you a bit. All those drowned polar bears washing-up ashore have created a glut in the bear pelt market. Here’s Gil Elvgren’s illustration of how to maximize your pleasure while prices remain even more depressed than you are…

. . .


. . .

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  1. 2013/10/06 21:43

    Wow! She looks like she could even revive the bear….

    • 2013/10/06 22:10

      I think the bear wants to trade places. (Either way, he’s getting a better deal than the enviroweenie crowd these days.)


  1. Globull Warming Update | Si Vis Pacem

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