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The President is a Tyrant. ” Who knew? We Thought He Was a Jape!


He’s both.  Via the Blogfather:


Please – Read the whole thing.  We agree with Reynolds’ commenter Duane Patterson:

Look, we know the meme has been written within mainstream media since before the shutdown began.

It was written decades ago by Saul Alinsky, truth be told. What matters now is that new media punch back, but harder. This Administration and it’s oncologically-advanced bureaucracy behaves thuggishly. Why wouldn’t it? It’s mentor is a petty tyrant with a third-world ideology.

They’re moving from Nudge to Shove.  This is a serious warning: If you resist too much at Shove, the next step is Guns – theirs.  Best to stand now while you may do so to greatest benefit.

 The fight in Washington is more than just Obamacare.

Amen.  ObamaCare (Don’t you love the oxymoron?-Ed) is a symptom; the disease is Gubernationis Tyrannicus Angustus.

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