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Why I Don’t Listen To Fox or The Blaze Newscasts


How to put this? Hmmm… “People turning off by excessive and improper use of gerunds and poor sentence structuring, while Fox and The Blaze editors treating their customers like complete! fucking! idiots!”

[Whoa! Editor gerunding and using foul language! Customers being embarrassed!- Ed.] Yes, damn it. That’s just their radio and streaming content. Their web pages are even worse.

The Blaze’ Joel Cheatwood is a particularly obnoxious factor. He commits this sin* daily!

*Teaser headlines sounding like cheap ad gimmickry offending educated adults! (cough)

You get the point.

If Cheatwood’s style isn’t enough to offend adults, the Blaze means to achieve that goal with it’s bizarre selection of wacky (say it – KITSCH! – Ed.) ah, kitsch, “entertainment” news items that would make the old National Enquirer seem a serious broadsheet. Fox isn’t much of an improvement there either.

Earnestly… NPR’s news and comment is no better with respect to content, but at least they make an attempt to speak in proper English sentences. NPR also offers decent classical music to swoon you into their propaganda news at the top and bottom of the sets.

Notes to Glenn Beck: For starters, terminate Joel’s contract and sue the [expletive deleted.] There were some great people over at the New York Sun in its day. Contact Seth Lispsky and Ira Stoll – perhaps they can send you some editorial staff recommendations.

“So you want me to” sign up for The Blaze TV, “huh?” Fine idea, Glenn. Hire some adults and treat your customers like, and as, adults… and I’ll think about it.

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  1. 2013/10/22 20:59

    Did you send that Beck? It’d be interesting to see his response if you did.

    • 2013/10/22 21:24

      Nope. Hardly a polite note.

      Snarkasm aside, I’m serious about Beck’s (and Fox’) low-brow delivery and utter gharbazh on offer. Both would do well to study the New York Sun or American Spectator from stylistic and editorial perspectives.


      • 2013/10/23 03:19

        Well, at least they aren’t as bad a reflection on their party as are Alan Grayson or Tawana Sharpton.

  2. 2013/11/13 23:13

    There are as many democrats on Fox as republicans. I’m amazed at how awful that Fox and Friends show is. It’s like watching Hee-Haw.

  3. 2013/11/27 04:05



  4. 2013/12/06 23:24

    Not that I would ever direct anyone there, but Huffpo is even worse.

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