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Rall Goes For Broke and Breaks The Rule


If there’s something strange/
in your neighborhood/
Who you gonna blame?/
Oh Bahma!


Noel Sheppard reports that troll-tooner extraordinaire Ted Rall goes where few Lefties dare go, calling out the Won and his caddies, all of ’em.

We’re not sold on Rall’s line that “Truth Behind ACA Mess Is Obama and His Gang of Golfing Buddies Are Idiots.” With this administration, and especially with this former President Elect, one finds that bugs, glitches, failures, lies, blunders and even apparent treason are the M.O., indeed, the whole point.

What Rall fails to understand is that in the eyes of the Uber-Left, a “private sector” web company failed.  The “private sector” healthcare insurers are failing.  The “private sector” hospitals aren’t cooperating.  Geez, everywhere you look, these “for profit” entities are conspiring sabotage to make Oh! Boy! Kare fail epically.

Solution?  Single Payer, Single Provider.  If ACA were to actually serve it’s stated purpose, there would be no need for the ultimate end.

No; Rall is the one in the dark.  (Some things never change.)

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