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Obamacare and the Death of [America]


The estimable Jeffrey Lord at American Spectator [yesterday] posted Obamacare and the Death of Liberalism

Please RTWT.   Lord brings us up-to-date in light of R. Emmett Tyrrell’s observation that good old American (“Tax and Spend”) Liberalism is overdue for a decent burial.

There is an important point missing, however, from Tyrrell’s (and Lord’s) argument about Liberals and Liberalism:  There are two virulent strains, The True Believers whom we all know (and love!– Ed) and the Elite (whom we all know – Ed.) and they are seldom the same. Their difference is profound: The former want to “do good in the world” and to “make a difference.” The latter seek Power.

. . .


Power Analysis, you say?

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It is the cozy, naive world of the true-believing Liberal that is crashing down. From Lord:

Think of that.

The Great Leader of the Chinese Communist Party [Mao] saying 42 years ago that “a central government could not do everything.” And that was 20 years before the Soviet Union, its centralized administrative planning and command economy imploding, finally did one last stagger and crashed onto the ash heap of history — as Ronald Reagan predicted was inevitable.

Just as Tyrrell predicted, Obama and company, believing the opposite and in denial over the reality of the Soviet lesson, made Obamacare the very face of “Friendly Fascism” and “Stealth Fascism.” Today the entire Great Leap Forward in American health care as envisioned by the liberal “yokels back at academe, drunk on their higher knowledge of ‘how-to’ studies” is a disaster collapsing in on itself faster than a Florida sinkhole.

Fine as it goes, but there is a serious consequence to Liberalism’s bifurcation; the power branch seeks a very different end.  Cloward and Piven were quite open about it: bloat soveriegn debt and entitlements in order to collapse “the system.”  Collapse the Constitution; collapse America. Some call it “fundamental transformation.”

May we point out a better definition?  High treason.

Conservatism and Libertarianism have never in the modern era seen such rates of popular growth.  Will the fascist elite prevail?  Providence seems to have other plans for America; perhaps even re-adoption of the Constitution.

. . .

Time for the Pain Pill, Grandma.

Time for the Pain Pill, Grandma.

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  1. 2013/10/30 14:12

    And yet we still see the growth of the tax and spend liberal government even with the GOP is power. It may have slowed at times, but never stopped or reversed. The machine marches on.

  2. 2013/10/30 14:24

    For a while, sure, but the laws of Nature provide that things that can’t go on forever never do.

    Got seatbelts?

    • 2013/10/30 15:05

      Nothing lasts forever. Usually some form of totalitarianism follows, then a struggle for liberty. We have to go through the former before the latter. The men behind the curtain will keep pumping, printing, making easy money possible through credit and entitlements as long as they can, at least until the music stops. May be there’s a line of thinking that at that point we will accept anything. This place has transformed in the last 12 years and not for the better. Buckle up bitches.

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