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Welcome to the [Spiffy] New [& Improved American] Spectator!


Heh!  AmSpec hired a new decorator.  Same veritas – now with more verte!

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 9.30.12 AM

Yeh – we, too, aren’t exactly gaga for the green.  (Gagged perhaps.)  We hope that the multi-font headline business sorts itself out, and quickly.

OTOH… More open spacing means web pages are easier to read; and the articles remain in serif.  Kudos.  Never fear! AmSpec still boasts the greatest staff and writers in all of Conservative media.  (OK, so they don’t boast – but they have Tyrrell and Sowell and Lord and dozens of the finest thoroughbreds in their yard.  They should boast.)

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  1. 2013/11/16 15:29

    Whoops… Delete that last one, seems I’ve lost my mind.

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