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“It is with a heavy heart that WYSL advises Jim Quinn and Rose Tennent were abruptly fired by their flagship station, WPGB Pittsburgh, over the weekend of November 16/17.  WYSL received e-mail notice of this termination literally ten minutes before their scheduled Monday morning broadcast.  The result was a chaotic relay broadcast of a morning show from Clear Channel’s AM station in Wheeling, West Virginia.  We’re sorry for the confused mishmash that resulted on our air.

Although this situation is beyond our control, WYSL apologizes for the sudden cessation of this very popular morning show.  Beginning with Tuesday, November 19, we will feature former US Education Secretary Bill Bennett’s program, “Morning In America,” from the Salem Radio Network, weekdays from 6 to 9am. [Nnnooooooo!!!!]

Please join us in extending best wishes to our friends Jim and Rose and thanking them for a wonderful seven years of morning radio.  Also please know that WYSL looks forward to hearing a return of Quinn and Rose to national radio as soon as legal and other circumstances permit.

Thanks for the overwhelming response and for listening to WYSL – your reliably conservative radio voice.”

Yes – WYSL is a great station for Tea and libertarian-conservative views. (Ouch! Bill “the Puffy RINO” Bennett?? He is no substitute. – Ed.) Rather weak “Tea” will be served in the interim.

Thank-you to WYSL for having the decency to do what even WPGB could not.

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  1. 2013/11/19 00:56

    Any back story here?

    • 2013/11/19 01:09

      Dunno, LA. I recall a contract issue with Clear Channel, if memory serves? I hope they sort it out: Quinn is irreplaceable. Far, far more intelligent and informative than “Dr.” Bill Bennett.

  2. 2013/11/25 02:56

    Bill Bennett is now a “rino”? You sound like some Bircher. What the fuck?

    • 2013/11/25 13:38

      “Doctor” Bennett is not suddenly “now” a RINO. He has always been so.

      His having been a liberal Demo most of his life and his roll as Secretary of Education is not my being a Bircher. His wholehearted support of RINO candidates and “moderates” over principled conservatives and libertarians is not my being a Bircher. His near constant referral to his being a DC insider and his elitist connections is not my being a Bircher.

      He is reliably dismissive and hostile to Palin, candidates like her, the Tea movement and even to Cruz. Granted, he grunts now and then like a “conservative” but when the rubber hits the road, that road always leads to DC and Gig Guv as the solution. That’s how the RINO game is played.

      The day Bennett comes out of the closet and renounces his work at the Dept. of Ed. because there is no Constitutional support for a Washington-based interference in education then, and only then, will I accept his wrapping himself in the mantle of Conservatism.

      On the other hand, I am rather a Bircher for the most part, with a few disagreements. Bircher is a compliment.

      Like the man said… what the fuck?

  3. 2013/11/26 03:16

    Holy fucking shit. So if a republican isn’t a libertarian, he’s a “rino”?

    Impossible standards pave a road to hell. If Bennett is your enemy, you’re on the wrong side. YOU are part of the goddam problem if you’re so fucking crazy you don’t see him as an ally. What you’re doing is an exercise in masturbation, [Yos].

  4. 2013/11/26 13:48

    What “impossible” standard? Our road to Hell was paved by “moderate” “republicans.” What, being a Palin is impossible? Jim Demint doesn’t exist? Cruz is a fiction? The Tea Tsunami of 2010 never happened? Reagan landslide who?

    Call Bennett an ally if you wish, but it would be helpful on his part if he’d treat fiscal conservatives and constitutionalists like friends with worthy goals. It is HE who treats US as the enemy. But, he’ll say something nice about Aquinas now and then and quote Plato or drop Aristotle’s name in that big, warm gravely voice. Nice way to get stabbed in the back. Who needs NPR?

    Talk about masturbatiion…

    Our “allies” like “Doctor” Bennett pushed hard for “moderates” who can “win the middle” – and we got Mitt Romney. Fine man, massively intelligent, highly accomplished and honorable to his core – and a big government statist. And, as predicted, Mitt did actually win the lion’s share of “the middle.” Problem was, he drove away the conservative and libertarian coalition at his base. Bennett got his ideal candidate and we got ObamaCare.

    The lesson being, you can win your base *or* you can have your precious “middle” when you play the “moderate” game. Alternatively, you could do as Reagan did… Win your base and the bulk of the “middle” will side with you because the alternative is worse.

    Bennett et ales performed bukake all over us. But he’s such a nice guy, so are they all. “Please sir, may I have some more?

  5. 2013/11/27 04:18

    “Our road to Hell was paved by “moderate” “republicans.” “

    What the hell is that supposed to even mean? Reagan was “moderate” compared to Rick Santorum or even Newt Gingrich.

    You’ve built an idol in your mind, friend. Tear it down. Then see.

    Republicans aren’t the problem. Democrats are,

    • 2013/11/27 14:43

      Reagan’s popularity and landslides are not products of my “idolatry.” Likewise Reagan’s multiple attempts to defund and disband the Dept. of Ed. – Bennett’s dearly beloved. They’re historical facts. Look ’em up.

      Reagan was a “moderate” compared to Newt or Rick on what issue, BTW?

      Of Moderates and Treachery:
      Nixon gave us the Dept. of the Environment – all by himself. Nice.

      Bush Senior gave us (read my lips) more taxes, more spending, and the ADA.

      Bush Jr. gave us even greater war spending, No Child’s Behind Gets Left, Part D, “Homeland” “Security” and he OK’d nearly a trillion bucks in TARP as a kiss-off. Such compassionate conservatism, yeh?

      Apart from Coolidge and Reagan, there wasn’t a Republican in the 20th century who actually lead ideologically with an agenda to reduce the size and power of central government. Some were better than others, but all of them were of the statist Rockefeller persuasion. Don’t believe me on this, look to economists like Thomas Sowell.

      The thing is this Chuck… The two Parties are today two competing factions of the same elitist mindset – those who would make “progress” versus those who would make “revolution.” The end goal is the same: centralized power in DC and reigning in of the constitution. This began with Teddy Roosevelt’s “Progressive” agenda a century or so ago. Old news, brother.

      Simply joining the Republican Party does not make someone my “ally” any more than being a Democrat my enemy.

      The question I ask is: Does someone at his core believe in self-governance or does he believe the balance is properly towards central power?

      This is where I disagree with Bennett. For him, despite the noise, all solutions lead back to New Rome. He may be personally religious and he may reject the excess of the modern Left, but if there is a libertarian bone in him, it’s ain’t his cranium.

  6. ccoffer permalink
    2013/11/29 14:20

    You keep using the word libertarian as though it were relevant. It isn’t. You don’t live in a “libertarian” country, and you never have. The sooner you accept this truth the better. There are two parties. One of them will win every meaningful election. It matters quite a lot which one wins if you truly are a “libertarian” and not some deranged carnival barker. There is a sizable difference between striking a pose and making and argument. You’re doing the former to the detriment of the latter. Keep in mind, this is being written by someone who has genuine affection for you.

    • 2013/11/29 15:09

      Well I agree with your basic points.

      For clarification, I use the term “libertarian” in the sense of meaning those who see the world as a classical-liberal, and “conservative” much the same with the emphasis on religious underpinnings (distinct from the former with rationalistic underpinnings.) That’s not how most use it. (I’m more in the Tyrrell camp on these things.)

      Neither are represented in the least by today’s Demos. Iro Stoll’s new book on Jack Kennedy lays out a thesis that if Jack were alive today and holding the values he held back in the day… that he’d be a Tea-like conservative with fiscal libertarian policies and a robust military strategy (kinda like Rand Paul with nukes.)

      Given the Repubes’ love of the “progressive” side of politics, there’s not a lot of room for conservatives or classical liberals either. The best JFK could hope for today would be a marginal role as a Republican from a conservative state.

      Too, “Libertarian” is exactly as you say – a dead-end Party movement. It’s a hodge-podge of uber-statists, anarcho-wackjobs and potheads (to name but a few.) “Libertarians” like Eric and Knapp have no idea of the depth of Marxist thought infecting modern “libertarian” doctrine. How the Hell does it happen that five of seven of Reason mag’s authors voted Obama? Talk about WTF!! When someone tells me these days that “I’m a libertarian!” I just breath in and count to ten.

      And yeah, for the foreseeable future, it’s Demo versus Repube.

      I did, BTW, redeem myself by actively campaigning for Romney and showing-up at the polls. I made classical-liberal arguments, to be sure, but I also didn’t allow the imperfect to become the enemy. I deeply regret Mitt’s loss.

      Carter may have been a lousy President – but this Jape in Chief is a total disaster that, with the odds in his favor, may damned well cost us the country.

  7. ccoffer permalink
    2013/11/29 15:49

    I have a tragic view of politics. I consider this the only healthy view to have. Forgive the crude analogy, but I think it pretty well sums up my position.

    We’re in a boat. We get to vote for what’s in the bottom of the boat. One is going to be a reality. Our choices are a pile of shit in the bottom of the boat or a big hole in the bottom of the boat. I don’t have some noble, principled love of shit, but you can bet your ass I’ll vote for shit all day, because the hole in the boat is the ONLY alternative.

    America just voted for the hole. The boat is sinking. To quibble about the color and/or odor of shit right now is to entirely miss the point. Shit is our only hope.

  8. ccoffer permalink
    2013/11/29 15:51

    What a great bumper sticker, huh?

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