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Great Moments in InstaPunditry


“If this bothers you, please sod off and go read Atrios or Kos”
Instapundit, 2004 Oct 18 

“The worst form of lust is the lust to control others. For it is never sated.”
Instapundit, 2013 Dec 12

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  1. 2013/12/13 16:55

    Yes. I’m deeply relieved that I just suffer from common garden variety pedestrian everyday grade lust.

    So, where them LBFMs at anywayze?

    • 2013/12/13 18:16

      Er, something tells me I don’t want to know what LBFMs are. So the answer is, um, “Gee, I’ll ask the management!”?

      • 2013/12/14 16:27

        Why not? Feigning ignorance works for the Zero EVERY time.

      • 2013/12/14 23:30

        Uh, ‘kuz at first I figured the L was for lesbian… and this, being a family show ‘n all.

        As management, I did look it up. (cough) Yeah, there are a few things about which I’ve been innocent / naive / totally without a clue. Oh well.

        Hey, I’d read Oedipus Rex as a kid. I’ve known for some time that there are things that can not be unseen, dark places in the world tat can’t be dis-experienced.

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