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Bread, Circuses and… Squirrels!


Yeah, so this central planning model isn’t working very Oh look! A homophobe!

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  1. 2013/12/21 03:47

    Had Phil boldly declared that a man’s asshole is prettier than a wageena, he’d have his own daytime talk show by now. Hell, he’d probably dance at the beginning of each episode and give away presents.


    The blindness. The willful blindness in all of this makes me sick.

    • 2013/12/22 00:11

      Hey, thanks CC – This sorry episode seems to be morphing into one of those “if you strike me down” moments. It seems to be backfiring badly on A & E in particular and the Left in general. Something about the “reality” part of media that the media aren’t competent handling.

  2. 2013/12/22 21:23

    When you ask these Stalinist jerks why this particular sexual festish is supposed to be heralded, You’ll get no serious response. They’re just too far into the quicksand to allow any truth to get in the way. The most popular “reasoned” response is to trot out this stupid platitude about how no one decided one day to be homosexual. Thing is, no one “decided” they wanted to be a pedophile either. Unnatural sexual urges are just that…unnatural. They aren’t to be celebrated or normalized, for godsake.

    The left’s ultimate enemy has always been reality itself. This is why they create hell on earth whenever they have the power to do so.

  3. Luke Gardner permalink
    2013/12/26 17:26

    I’ve got a different take on this. GLAAD is essentially a grievance mongering charity at this point. I’m betting that in Obama’s shabby economy, contributions have been way way down, and a flashpoint to rally the base for more contributions was conveniently found in Robertson’s possibly baited interview. Per Charity Navigator, GLAAD’s Revenue Growth was way down (-13.7%) in FYE 2011 and GLAAD had an operating deficit just shy of $2.6 Million. See, eg:

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