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Oooops: If One Has No Morals, One Has No Intellectual Weapon


UPDATE: Chris Muir knows what hurts

We have no morals, and we will attack you.” – Ethan “Pajama Boy” Krupp

Got koolade?

Via InstaMan, Ed Driscoll goes to town.

The flop sweat emanating from Obamacare is so strong, it caused one man to don his footiejammies for a photo op, and another to write, at long last, a winner in the prize of the dumbest piece of crying anti-Semitism ever written, since a column written by two Columbia students and published by the New York Times in 1992 declared the second Michael Keaton Batman movie to be an anti-Semitic allegory.

For the record, Ethan… As a Jew, I tell you with sadness that you and your comrades embarrass us.

Your attitudes are puerile. Your enthusiasm for totalitarian diktat is unmanly.

I tell you also that you have no intellectual means of attack. For an attack to be valid, it must have a moral basis. This is what distinguishes the civilized man from his barbarian cousin. Alas. 

“The Trotskys make the revolutions… the Bronshteins pay the price.”  We’ve suffered enough, yes?

Suggestion: Instead of ObamaKare, how ’bout you invest in a JCC gym membership?

On the bright side, I gotta say that those jammies suit you perfectly. You go, gir boy!

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  1. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2013/12/30 15:35

    Ahhhh…. So THAT’s his inner white half. NOW I get it!

  2. 2013/12/31 03:16

    Leftists always hide behind identity politics. A piece of shit leftist will never defend being a piece of shit leftist. I dare you to cite when one ever claimed that they were hated because they were Communists, leftists, totalitarian assholes, etc. Nope. This leftist piece of shit is a “Jew”. That leftist piece of shit is “Black”. The one over there is “Transgender”.

    The culmination of this rhetorical strategy resulted in Brakabama.

    Leftists are the scum of this earth.

    Carthago delenda est.

    • 2013/12/31 11:01

      Identity politics is another form of redistribution, usually of blame. I dare you to show us a hard-core leftist that took personal responsibility for his failures or his unhappiness.

      You raise another point, too: They always sell statism in individualist terms, appealing to the lowest form of individualism, usually petty selfishness. F’rexample, OhBummerCare: It’s “Hey! Free health care for millions of “uninsured” people!” It’s never “Hey! National Socialism is great! Join the collective! Work hard, ’cause millions of parasites depend on YOU!

  3. 2013/12/31 23:38

    I guess. I was really talking about this cheap rhetorical device they use when it’s available. If the shitbag leftist just happens to be a member of some officially aggrieved identity, they run to that identity and flee from their real identity which is totalitarian leftist. Turn the finger around, so to speak. What’s hilarious is even people with no badge of victimhood such as Chris Matthews or Ed Schultz will still make an attempt at using this pathetic, cowardly turd of a technique. Talk about what pieces of shit they are and suddenly you only hate them because they love gays, negros, women, gypsies, midgets, etc..

    • 2013/12/31 23:57

      That’s a fair point. I have to wonder, with “gentlemen” like Matthews, if it’s a form of overcompensation for their own private distaste for “other” – gays, etc. It’s the “otherness” and groupthink that gets me. “I’m white! I’m rich! I’m elite!” “But oh, I have compassion (SUCH compassion, can’t you tell?!) for gays, negros, women, gypsies, midgets, etc. etc.”

      The older I get, the more Ayn Rand makes sense to me.

  4. 2014/01/01 13:36

    It’s much more evil than “private distaste”. It’s the ultimate form of contempt…pity.

    • 2014/01/01 16:47

      I’d never thought of it like that. Humph! That explains Matthews perfectly. It probably explains his ratings, too… At some point, the audience gets a sense of it even if, like me, they don’t see it at first.

  5. 2014/01/01 17:15

    What’s truly horrific is the fact that so many in these approved groups so willingly accept this pity. Seek it out. It’s sick. What a way to go through life. It’s the work of Satan.

  6. 2014/01/03 03:48

    Perfect example:


    • 2014/01/03 13:13

      Oh POOR BABY!

      I note that the articles about Sacks didn’t mention that she was an immature, narcissistic piece of work, either.

  7. Walt permalink
    2014/02/13 03:34

    Without morals, one has no reason to exist. Because it’s not a life worth living. Barry doesn’t get that.

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