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Rex Murphy reviews Neil Young’s Latest hit… Running on Vapours (Requiem for the Left)


Something like that.

Murphy delivers a hard-earned spanking to Neil Young.

Quoth Glenn Reynolds: “Ouch.”

Hey, Neil… In your old grade-school in Winnipeg there still sits one wooden desk, with your initials carved into it. I hope it remains there forever – as a testament to your arrogant willingness to deface other people’s property to gain a little notoriety.

Your dad was a fine, hard-working man, a gentleman with a gift for honesty, gratitude and appropriateness. You don’t remind us of him one bit, eh?

Perhaps you’d best go up to Fort Mac and get a job. Failing that, pay attention to Rex.

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  1. 2014/01/22 00:06

    Whatever did Neil do to piss you off?

    • 2014/01/22 00:47

      It’s more what he didn’t do. For starters, he never matured past his adolescent “well intended” leftism. Then he took it upon himself to pose as America’s conscience; never a thought of self-restraint, no hint at understanding what America is. Got filthy rich in the private market and then refused to offer thanks or gratitude – he rather pisses all over capitalism and Liberty.

  2. 2014/01/23 04:36

    He’s one of the best guitar players who ever lived. I don’t expect much else of performers. It seems a strange standard. Certainly an arbitrary one. We hear crap about what Brad Pitt said about this or that, and what Cher said about this or that, but no one seems to give half a shit what the bass player from Metallica has to say about anything. Likewise, no one cares what Gary Coleman has to say about this or that issue. It’s ridiculous and illustrative at the same time. After all, why not Gary Coleman instead of “Lady” GAGA? The question answers itself in a depressing way. It’s purely temporal.

    I prefer timeless.

    • 2014/01/24 01:23

      People are people. They are born, crap, piss, eat, fuck and die. They also say stupid shit and 99.9% of what any of us believes is confirmational bias of some sort. As stupid as Neil may or may not be, I don’t think he’s evil. If I had an issue with everyone I disagreed with, I’d end up living in a closet by myself.

  3. ccoffer permalink
    2014/01/25 22:05

    He never struck me as particularly bright, anyway. Just great at making noise. Ohio is one of the best riffs ever. Hard as hell to play too. Old Man is another one that’s just incredible to listen to.

    Back in the day, Jimmy Page said that Neil Young was the most skilled 6 string guitar player he’d ever heard. Not exactly chopped liver.

    • 2014/01/26 00:06

      My favorite 60’s guitarist is Leslie West. There are so many great guitarists out there, like drummers too. After awhile it’s about style. David Gilmore could make the Tele sing too. Listen to Mother. In more modern talent, Saul Hudson can play very well. I like his work on Fall to Pieces. Then there are guys like Buddy Guy, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Steve Morse and even Al DiMeola. Now we hear about Joe Bonamassa. It never ends.

    • 2014/01/26 00:22

      Stellar talent, sure. You’ve reminded me of that great line from Laura Ingraham: “Shut Up! and Sing!” Thing is, geniuses tend to assume omnipotence upon their entire being. It’s more like a spike on a rather low curve.

  4. ccoffer permalink
    2014/01/26 14:35

    I think the fault lies in us if we care what someone thinks just because they make music or read lines. As I’ve said before, it’s ridiculously arbitrary and based on the most shallow of foundations. Nobody gives a shit what Meshak Taylor says about abortion, because he’s forgotten, while we’re truly supposed to care what Taylor Swift thinks. It’s high school shit.

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