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For The Libertarian Advocate: Naked Boobies.


Lots of ’em.  In pairs, of course.  On the beach.  (Where else? – Ed.)

Now don’t say we didn’t warn you.

. . .

Boobies 01

. . .

Boobies 02

. . .

Boobies 03

. . .

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  1. 2014/02/12 02:41

    If it was only that simple. Bill Gertz was on Coast to Coast last night. Depressing. Some of us have it all wrong and boy are we in trouble. Anyway, may be the Chinese will like naked boobies.

    • 2014/02/12 02:58

      Well, I do have a Pair of Great Tits waiting to be posted. (I love English birds, Eh? Eh?)

      Yeah, so Gertz is no fool.

    • ccoffer permalink
      2014/02/13 17:58

      The Chinese are in worse shape than we are.

  2. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2014/02/17 22:37

    Whoops, kinda been off the grid a bit what with snows and dig-outs ‘n all. Nekked Boobies, hell, I’ll take that kind too, as long as the snow stops falling here in such volume.

    • 2014/02/18 00:09

      Au naturelle! Blue footed, no less.

      I wuz kinda hoping, too, that the search engines would drive traffic to the site. (sigh) Still the best kept secret on the innertubes!

      • Libertarian Advocate permalink
        2014/02/18 03:52

        May I humbly suggest a resumption of your consistently inspirational Classical Rule 5 series as a potential traffic driver? Oh dear maybe that would be an act of sexist micro-aggression. God I LOATHE proggies!

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