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So Justina Pelletier had been re-diagnosed – suffering “Münchausen Syndrome by Proxy“?


Ah. So were the parents allegedly poisoning the kid, you see, by manipulating Tufts & BCH medical staff into believing Justina had mitochondrial disease? Are we to believe that the symptoms are psychosomatic, and what she really needs is a shrink?

Should Harvard associated Boston Children’s Hospital and the State have the power to remove a child from the parent’s home and care so easily?

We find this story troubling on a number of levels. There’s a line in Monty Python’s “Meaning of Life” where a father tells his many, many disappointed children that the family is broke and thus they’ve just been sold “for medical experiments.” We didn’t find the joke so funny at the time.

Now we find a major hospital and the state seizing children (plural, yes) against the will of the parents, having the parents charged with the crime of complaining publicly in defiance of Court gag orders and as a result, forcing the parents into poverty in their attempts to reunite with their children. The situation appears to be devolving past ‘nightmare’ into ‘Slavery by Proxy.’

You might toss ’em a few buck$

Perhaps someone needs a shrink, but I doubt very much if it’s Justina Pelletier or her parents.

I smell the faint whiff of a massive lawsuit – if not a full-blown class-action here.

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  1. macmanjim permalink
    2014/02/20 17:14

    Fdr did and barry does too

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  2. ccoffer permalink
    2014/02/21 00:39

    I’d be interested to hear some sort of statement from whoever gave the original diagnosis.

  3. 2014/02/21 03:57

    Saw her father on with Megyn Kelly tonight. Heartbreak. I would have lost my mind by this time. I don’t know how they get through the day, and I’m sure they do because they must, for both daughters.

    • 2014/02/21 13:17

      Thanks Maggie,
      If there is any justice, there will be more than just a lawsuit for medical malpractice, but a series of arrests. The Institution should pay compensation dearly, and the Individuals abusing the system must be punished. It is more than just the Pelletier family at stake here; they are but one instance of a systemic SNAFU. My hopes and prayers are with Justina and her family.

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