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Sowell Bats .999


Hey, gonna miss a pitch sometime! Taking cheap shots at Ted Cruz wasn’t a great idea.

Liberty Belle Maggie has the gory details of Dr. Sowell’s latest at-bat. She called a strike-out. We agree.

Dr. Thomas Sowell, the great economist and political philosopher, says that Senator Ted Cruz is “looking out for himself,” and it’s not good for the only Party that can fix Obama’s disasters.

We can’t improve upon Maggie’s notes. PRTWT.

One assumption underlying Sowell’s view is that the Republican Party is the source of the solution. I find the naïveté rather shocking. The solution is in the commitment to same from an electorate dedicated to promoting Libertarian-Conservative values (or Classical-Liberal, if you please.) This generation of Republican leaders and legislators is so far from there as to be ideologically indistinguishable from their statist “opponents” across the aisle.

Economics is the study of the use of scarce resources that have alternative uses.” Ted Cruz is merely tapping into a huge, unmet market demand. Economist Sowell appears to have missed that small point, too.

Hey, on the up side, that means he’s batting .999!

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  1. 2014/02/21 22:05

    Ann Coulter was saying the same thing. 

    • 2014/02/21 22:11

      Sure, but her batting average sucks as of late.

      The fact that Cruz (and Rand, Lee, Amash et ales) are taking so much heat is that they’re over the target. I think it was you who recently suggested that it is time for the brain bucket and Kevlar jock shorts – this could get bumpy.

  2. 2014/02/22 00:06

    Yos, thank you for the link and kind words. Coulter is back at it again. I heard her say Sowell was right, to which Hannity said, “I disagree.” I see Karl Rove (or one similar in position) all over Sowell’s editorials and the WSJ’s weird attacks.

    • 2014/02/23 21:55

      Yeah… the Christie crush did her in. She’s becoming Peggy Noonan without the charm. Poor kid. Dana Loesch is going to eat her lunch.

  3. ccoffer permalink
    2014/02/22 00:58

    Back here on planet Earth, reality remains. The fact is, the republican party as currently constituted is more conservative than it has ever been. Meanwhile, the democrat party is as far left as any party on the planet.

    Reasonable expectations are in order. A country that is depraved enough to elect a bag of dogshit like brakabama is not going to turn on a dime. To expect this to happen is childish.

    • 2014/02/23 21:52

      You might want to examine *why* the Republican Party is shifting Conservative, and given the forces from without, it is reasonable to expect it to shift further to the Libertarian-Conservative side.

      And I disagree concerning the idea that the country is depraved or that Oh Bummer “won.” There is a huge, *real* demand out there unmet by “moderates” – and that is for candidates with a vision of the country consistent with the constitution and with Liberty. Hell, in a low-turn-out election, Mitt lost even to Palin-McCain. The point is, Oh Bummer “won” but… by even a larger margin the RINOs LOST. A conservative would have walked away with it.

      I’ll tell you what childish is: Electing “reasonable” RINO candidates and hoping that the Base will campaign hard and then show-up at the polls. Last time we did that, we got us Shrub.

  4. ccoffer permalink
    2014/02/27 03:41

    Demand? Your entire argument in favor of whatever the eff you feel you’re in favor of is contradictory.

    Brakabama did win. He didn’t lose. Voters were involved.

    What you call “the base” doesn’t campaign. You’re referring to activists. The base votes. Romney got his base. Brakabama got everybody else. Were it not for half of Mitt’s party calling him some fucking interloper, he’d have won…maybe. Maybe not.

    What remains is electoral reality. The republican party doesn’t have to be the embodiment of the tea party in order to win. They only have to attack democrats. Replace democrats.

    • 2014/02/27 16:13

      Romney got his base.

      Yes, and it wasn’t very big, was it?

      So did the Won, and it was most definitely not “everybody else”. The fact is that his turn-out stank. And in respect to sheer numbers, it’s a raw fact that they both lost to the turn-out for Palin McCain, as the bases of both Parties were unhappy. It won’t Strong V Weak, it was Weak v Sucks Totally.

      What remains is electoral reality. The republican party doesn’t have to be the embodiment of the tea party in order to win. They only have to attack democrats. Replace democrats.” Coulter makes the same point, riffing on a weak argument from Buckley.

      That view relies upon the utterly false premise that the two Parties have distinct goals and ideologies. In truth they are rather one and the same, the sole “difference” being speed. At least the Democrats are honest about where they want to take us and how rapidly they hope to do it.

      We “won” last time by attacking Democrats and WOW! We got Dubya! … and massive centralization of Federal government, expansion of the bureaucracy in numbers and power, borrowing up the wazoo and both Parties spending like drunken Congressmen. So that’s the goal, is it? Attack Democrats to get more Republicans – liberal, big government, debt-drunk Republicans? Yes! We need Republicans to do that!

      It is also a hard numbers fact that both Parties have shrunken in membership as both have leaned Leftwards.

      Here’s where I get into opinion:

      I say give the electorate a true set of choices: One, for big, centralized government and massive power that feeds it, and the other for small, limited central government.

      I believe that in order to win its own Constitutional base – and a lot of disaffected Demos, too – the Repubes had better become the Party of the Constitution and limited, decentralized Government. I have no data to show that it would be sufficient to win a general, only the Reagan precedent and the Tea Revolution of 2010. I believe that Republicans will win in a landslide up and down the ticket.

      Brother, I campaigned hard for Romney. Gimme another squish, and I’m staying home.

  5. ccoffer permalink
    2014/03/01 01:57

    “Yes, and it wasn’t very big, was it? “

    It was bigger than it’s ever been. Conservatives showed up and voted for Romney. Independents carried it for Brakabama.

    If you can’t face reality, you can’t offer any solutions. Only grievances. Instead of cursing the dark, turn on a light.


  1. Thomas Sowell: Ted Cruz is “Looking Out for Himself” But Not So For The Selfless Public Servants We Call the GOP Establishment | Maggie's Notebook

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