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Jonah Goldberg’s Unwitting Humor #2,309


Via the BlogFather: JONAH GOLDBERG: By the way, lefties, Nazis are still socialists.

Like a good little pony, this is Goldberg’s one weird trick. (Reminder to Jonah: Big-government conservatives opposed to private arms are still (sigh) Nazis. – Ed.)


I envy Glenn’s grace and confidence.  Seriously, I have little tolerance for Goldberg and the majority of that kluster over at National RINO Online.  It’s easy to attack Democrats and eviscerate Lefties.  It is something else entirely to stand for Liberty and all of its messy, even ugly concomitant elements – and that includes support for private arms and the Second Amendment.

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  1. ccoffer permalink
    2014/03/01 02:09

    Are you fucking stoned? Why must you look only for enemies on your own side? Little tolerance? What the fuck?

  2. ccoffer permalink
    2014/03/02 16:05


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