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The Tea Party Is Dead! Long Live The Tea Party!


Yeah, yeah. Thanks Glenn! For a full three years now we’ve been hearing about the demise of the Tea Party; Spent force, defeated, dispirited, licking wounds, Oh-Ver…

It could be that It’s Not Dead,

But our take is that Everybody’s Happy as the Dead Come Home.

Well, not everybody, but Sarah is!

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  1. 2014/03/10 02:18

    The only thing wrong with the tea party is that they tried to work within the GOP. I think that’s one of the reasons Palin has removed herself from the limelight in terms of remaining active in elected politics. I think she was hoping it would become its own party.

    • 2014/03/10 02:42

      Maybe. I don’t know how to read these things.

      In Canada, the “Progressive Conservatives” recently did-in with the Progressive nonsense, and re-branded themselves as Conservatives with a (relatively) conservative and libertarian platform. The “Liberals” were stuck in the middle with progressive agendas, and the hard-left NDP gets the crumbs, such as they are. Thing is, the Tories realized that a huge contingent in the electorate was under-served. Proggie nonsense was overlapped too much with Whiggish Liberal splatform.

      There is something to the idea of offering the consumer a true choice. “Celebrate Divserity!” and all that. If RINOs don’t listen-up, they’ll go the way of the Whigs.

      • 2014/03/10 03:06

        What’s happened to the GOP is a natural progression for groups. Those in power don’t want to cede control when they’ve become irrelevant or counterproductive to success. It’s very hard for people to “get out of the way”. Just commute to work and you’ll see it: Some asshole in the left lane doing the speed limit or less and won’t get out of the way. I call them preventers. Dilbert has a character, Mordac, the preventer of IT. Same mentality at the heart of it. Smart leaders let people run with it.

      • 2014/03/10 12:50

        Yyyyyyup. “Preventers.” Sorta makes one look favorably on golf in the rain, yeh?

      • 2014/03/10 13:00

        Ask Lee Trevino. 🙂

  2. 2014/03/10 02:50

    Yos, did you see that Mitch McConnell said the GOP would crush the Tea Party and they would not have a single nominee? The arrogance is breathtaking (as in a punch in the gut). I’d like to think that the Tea-Party-Minded can give as good as they get, but in McConnell’s case it’s not likely. You know, you’d think he would just put up a good fight for his seat and shut-up. Today I heard Peter King say Rand Paul was “ignorant” and “unfit” for the office of the Presidency. Thanks for the link Yos!

    • 2014/03/10 12:45

      Thanks Liberty Belle! Doesn’t surprise me about Mitch. He and King remind me that the RINOs are just itching to go the way of the Whigs.

      I take hope in one small historical fact: Tea activists and candidates didn’t have a prayer in 2010… until the votes were counted. Until then I had better throw a few bucks at a Tea group supporting Matt Bevin.

    • 2014/03/10 12:58

      I guess neither surprise me. They are well entrenched in the political class and they believe that the ideas of the tea party and more so libertarianism are not only counterproductive but threatening to their livelihood in that it doesn’t include bribing people with their own money. If they can’t bribe people, what’s to offer? At least for them… The growth of government serves and has served those that work there. Unless you’ve worked for non-profits or government agencies, you can’t fully understand. It’s 180 degrees opposite of a private business.

      • Libertarian Advocate permalink
        2014/03/10 13:47



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