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Raise The Minimum Wage! “An, Um, Modest Proposal”


…Though only for all civilian federal employees and contract workers.  All of ’em…

…to, say, a standard of ten times the national median.  That would raise the base living wage to, what? about 500K per year?  Something like that.

Yes, yes, you’re right.  But think on this awhile…

Just exactly how many employees could feral gubmint agencies employ?  F’rexample, the Infernal Revenue “Service” would be left with what percentage of agents afield? The EPA? Or, how many DHS wet teams could they deploy to raid your place for expired drivers’ licenses?

By setting the federal employee & contractor rate subject to a national datum, we mathematically limit the total that may be on-board.

Well, that was fun.

Alternatively, it might make better sense to go the other direction entirely: for Feral workers and contractors to have compensation capped at 75% of the median national (free market) rate AND require that it includes all “benefits,” to be paid in tax-free cash towards purchase on the free market, without ‘group’ benefit.

Want eternal job secrewity? Fine. It’ll cost ya, babe.

An whatever we do, terminate governmental immunity and make them personally liable for damages for misconduct.

[Hey, Yos – how about this: We simply raze the minimum wage? – Ed.]  Great idea!

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  1. 2014/03/14 15:53

    In simple terms, it’s a zero sum game. It all depend on distribution. So, we can have the government control it or the market.

  2. ccoffer permalink
    2014/03/19 22:49

    It should be called the child’s wage. The only people who work for the so called minimum wage are teenagers.

  3. ccoffer permalink
    2014/03/23 04:08

    I so wish I could find some willing to work all day every day for whatever they call minimum wage. A dirt poor illegal Mex on the side of the road in that morning Mex crowd won’t work for less than eighty dollars a day.

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