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Life in Obamaville…


BREITBART EXCLUSIVE: Texas Weighs Lawsuit Against Federal Government over Border Crisis

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"Because... OBAMA!"   © 2014 AP

“Because… OBAMA!” © 2014 AP

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So this is blanket amnesty?

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  1. 2014/07/03 17:15

    All we need to do is write lyrics and put it to the song Margaritaville. “I’m wasted away again in Obamaville…

    • 2014/07/03 17:33

      We’re watching the entire Left implode here. I’ve got friends at shul – life long Democrats, some wishy-washy Liberals, some old-line Progies turning to me and saying things like “I never voted for this!
      (“But, Jeff, you did.”)
      “This guy…”
      (“…is only one guy. It’s with whom he surrounds himself, what they believe that matters.”)
      They just look at me. Deer in the headlamps, all that.

  2. formwiz permalink
    2014/07/03 17:57

    Not unlike the racks at Auschwitz.

    The blood of any kid who dies because of this farce is on the Choom Gang’s hands.

    Not that they’ll feel any shame about it, but, come Judgment Day, I hope Ol’ Scratch has something special wating for them.

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