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Alas Poor Leo…


RE: Leo DiCaprio Wages War on Western Civilisation

Mr. Delingpole,

Alas poor Leo. He believes…

“Ancient life on earth. Over millions of years plants and animals lived and died; that decomposed life sunk deep into the ground and as a result an ancient menace was created: fossil fuels.”

True as it goes for coal, but only for coal.

Petroleum oil – classical hydrocarbon – is rather another phenomenon entirely. If Leo had bothered to do some basic research into the origins and locations of hydrocarbons, he’d understand that are a product of the Earth’s mantle processing archaeo-methane, one of the components of the dust from which the Earth had originally formed.

He could learn a great deal about hydrocarbons if he’d take a first year geology course. Something 99.9% of the methane and ethane released from shale came from deep below, seeping like oil does, finding layers in the crust where it gets trapped. He’d understand why “depleted” wells are surprising with new yields a few years later. He would understand why methane nodules freeze on the deep ocean floor.

If he’d take a first year biology course, he would discover the Kreb’s cycle wherein plants voraciously absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and create glucose… and thus why CO2 is a kept trace gas, typically around 1/3rd of 1/10th of 1% atmospheric concentration.

Further, he’d dig that as more CO2 is made available, the literally greener the planet gets. More plants mean more fish, more animals, more room for “diversity.” So much for “ancient menace.”

Leo ought to examine one truly menacing fossil from the past… his elitist ideology capitalizing on gross ignorance. It’s a tired old game. That one deserved proper burial.



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  1. 2014/08/26 22:52

    Yos: Cut the guy some slack! He’s an ARTIST! Accordingly, he doesn’t have to follow the rules of accountability like the rest of us do….

    • 2014/08/26 23:46

      I think you spelled “He’s a NARCISSIST!” wrong.

      • 2014/08/27 02:45

        Nope it’s you who is confused. What you don’t account for is the Hollyweird definition of the word “ARTIST”. There, and in the salons of metropolitan progressive elitists, “ARTIST” means a person who is better than anybody else due to his/her hypersensitivity and creative nature, which of course requires that social norms and law itself must be suspended when an artist is abrogation thereof. Under that logic, ARTISTS exist on entirely different plane than do the rest of the troglodytic messy masses for whom law was created. To subject ARTISTS to such mundane standards would be to destroy both creative process and progress and put an effective end to human evolution itself, because, well, ARTISTS are just so special.

        I know this because my now late “ARTIST” father once told me that Roman Polanski’s pederasty could not be judged by ordinary legal standards because Polanski is an “ARTIST”. Amazing, ain’t it?

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