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“Unbalanced” Reportage?


Via The BlogFather:

DOUBTS ABOUT THE ROLLING STONE STORY COME TO SALON: Rolling Stone’s UVA rape story backlash: When narratives are so compelling that we don’t notice unbalanced reporting.

Care please, Glenn. “Unbalanced reporting?”

Facts – like chips falling – lead where they may.  Objective reportage is often anything but “balanced” or “fair” if it is honest and thorough.

Our concern is the cultural fetish for “fairness” at the expense of hard facts.  It’s a symptom of politicization of culture; To be a “good” reporter one must not be “right” or “left” but “balanced” as if the “middle path” is somehow righteous.

Alas, to be neutral is to be neutered.  Facts are apolitical; one wishes our media were, too.


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  1. 2014/12/04 13:49

    I wish friendships were apolitical too.

  2. ccoffer permalink
    2014/12/04 19:17

    These days being a “good” reporter means being a proud activist for the democrat party.

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