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MacKeeper = Pure Evil


If one has a Mac, one knows MacKeeper.   They are the annoying trolls who’s pop-ups completely take over Safari.  Even after force-quitting, MacKeeper’s bombast renews its assault upon relaunch.

If that were not bad enough, MacKeeper hijacks Safari’s menus.  This is pure, evil troll behavior.

And what is it MacKeeper is trying to sell?

Software – to keep one’s Mac free of viruses and such.  With ethics such as theirs, one would think they’d be a Government program.  That, dear reader, is the most vicious slur possible.

Caveat Emptor.

. . .

UPDATE: MyMotorRad shows us where to find the instructions on how to uninstall MacKeeper. Thanks!

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  1. 2014/12/11 15:53

    Sorry to hear of your woe. I would have thought I would have heard from you on this…It’s borderline extortionware.

    • 2014/12/11 17:19


      What really surprises is the self-destructive nature of the strategy. This is rare for an enterprise; In the ecosystem of free commerce, it typically results in a quick death.

      • 2014/12/11 17:45

        Yeah, my BIL got some extortionware installed on his computer by going to some site and he got a popup that said his computer was horked and he should install some software to fix it. The douchebag that he called to fix it wanted $200. This is a Mac mind you. So he calls me, I get on with Team Viewer and fix it. There’s a lot of douchebaggery out there that should be dealt with severely.

      • 2014/12/11 18:47

        Whoa! That’s a serious downgrade from carpetbaggery. I hope your BIL thanked you w/ a bottle of good bourbon.

      • 2014/12/11 18:53

        Just words as usual.

  2. ccoffer permalink
    2014/12/14 03:14

    I’ve always found the notion of Macintosh “security” hilarious. The Macintards have been convinced that there are no bugs, no viruses, no malware no nothing at all on their panacea machine.

    Every recommended update is an admission of a security breach.
    I have no beef with folks liking Apple stuff over other stuff, but the security rationale is beyond specious. It’s downright dumb.

    • 2014/12/14 04:45

      Any computer that connects to the internet is open to be hacked, that said, Macs tend to be more secure than Windows, but virus proof, no. The thing about Macs is that it usually requires the user to do something stupid and authorizing it with the admin credentials as when installing software. With windows, it’s possible to be compromised without such intervention.

      • 2014/12/14 05:02

        Which reminds me, tonight I applied the latest Security updates and bug fixes. Mavericks, iOS8 and Swift left the docks a bit early.

        That said, this UniX stuff is pretty robust.

        BTW, USB really sucks for security. I hear that there are flavors of USB kit like mice and keyboards and drives that can be re-programmed to do key-stroking and send it all in the background over the main wifi.

        WHICh reminds me, my daughters are Mac kids. They have stickies over their cameras. All cameras can be hacked. I have a sticky on mine right now. I only expose the lens when I’m using Skype. Otherwise, stickies.

      • 2014/12/14 14:53

        There are also hardware devices that are installed inline on usb to key stroke log, but yes, KSRs are easy peasy and it can be hardware or software that can use SMTP to phone home. My advice is to keep current with updates and patches, have gate keeper set to apple software only, turn on the firewall, use a standard account as opposed to an admin one and an antivirus like Sophos is ok too. Now, one thing you can do to protect against hacks that phone home is to get a reverse firewall like Little Snitch. It blocks all outgoing connections by default and you have to OK stuff that you want to go out. It should catch KSRs and block video from the camera, but given the nazi security aholes, I wouldn’t completely trust anything, but it’s a help. Oh yeah, turn off everything in the Sharing preference pane.

    • 2014/12/14 04:50

      Wha-? I’m surrounded by Mac guys. Not one of us believes as you claim. In fact, I have never met anyone who owns or uses a Mac who lives in that “Macintard” bubble. To the contrary, bugs and viruses happen, and everyone is aware. What was that you were saying about specious and dumb?

  3. ccoffer permalink
    2014/12/14 14:30

    I was referring to the “lay” user. My children are of that variety. FWIW, I listened to an interview yesterday on Tim Ferriss’ podcast with a guy named Marc Goodman. Pretty freaky stuff withe regard to internet security and what lies ahead. You might already be familiar with the guy, but I thought of you when he got on the data stuff.

    • 2014/12/14 17:25

      The thing to worry about too in where the data is. The computer as we know it is going away and data is stored remotely. How good is the security at Google, MSN, iCloud, etc? They’ve all been hacked I am sure. Then there is the nasty security agency and it’s counterparts. We’ve already seen people magically marginalized, some of which has been through data acquisition. J Edgar would be proud. At this point in my life, I don’t care much. Call it Kamikaze. The way I look at it is that I am a nobody, so who cares what I do or say. If someone has a truck with me, molon labe. FWIW, if J Edgar kept pols in line and twisted arms for the administrations, don’t you think it happens now? With the tools they have, they would know how much spray tan Boehner put on himself February 2, 2012. It’s part of the reason dirty bastards get ahead in politics. They can be controlled. Good regular folk are more difficult to control.

  4. ccoffer permalink
    2014/12/16 00:04

    “How good is the security at Google, MSN, iCloud, etc? “

    I see it differently. I’d ask a different question. Is Google, MSN, iCloud etc having the info they have not a security breach in itself? I think Pandora’s box got opened a while back and now all bets are off. You can be the unabomber in a hut in the woods, or you can jump in the data pool. The water may or may not be fine. I honestly don’t know.

    • 2014/12/16 02:07

      In the case of google, sort of. MSN and iCloud may be. Google drills everything, even stuff they legally aren’t supposed to. Ideally, if you paid for the service, it should remain private. The other thing is that the government can get your data too. Another thing to think about is hardware. Most of everything is made in China. Whose to say they don’t make themselves back doors on networking and other hardware. My best advice is don’t connect to the internet if you want 100% privacy.

  5. ccoffer permalink
    2014/12/17 03:59

    Your spatial perception as it relates to metaphysics can be your own worst enemy in these sorts of deals. Cognitive ability creates as many problems as it solves for an individual. I sound like some Zen asshole, but its true.

    What time would we rather live in? The future? The past?

    It’s heads or tails, but it’s neither. You are the past and someone else is the future.

    We’re already all in on the data deal. It’s a fait accompli. I never volunteered my dental history, but it’s been digitized for insurance reasons as sure as my name isn’t Dan Tucker.

    (He was a fine old man, by the way).

    There is no answer.

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