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Puntit of the Year Award 2014: Dr. Charles Krauthammer


Punt·it: n.
1. A source of opinion; a critic unable to argue from first principles: a political dodger.
2. An erstwhile learned person capable only of barrelfishing.

. . .

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. noted a short while back something along the lines that true Liberals are an extinct species in America. Almost… We’ve spotted one remaining Mondale-esque Liberal, re-heated*, propped-up and trotted before the cameras wearing more pancake than the mixing bowls at Waffle House.

We give you… ( fanfare! )
Dr. Charles Krauthammer, our most worthy Puntit of the Year Award recipient.

. . .

. . .

Charles Krauthammer in conversation w/ Hugh Hewitt:

Obama Palling Around With Al Sharpton Is A “Disgrace.”

Dear reader, stop shaking your head.

To earn this award, all year Dr. Charles has treated us to his labeling our President a poopoo-head. The sheer depth of the man’s analysis is breathtaking.

Fine as it goes, though we have also witnessed Krauthammer’s relentless punting and bunting and apologizing on issues such as Presidential Accountability, Congressional Power of the Purse, Controlled Immigration, Federalism, Second Amendment, Obamacare and Fiscal Responsibility. We have even witnessed Dr. Charles making specious ad hominem attacks against Conservatives, suggesting that they require psychiatric care for disagreeing with the Administration.

There are certainly grounds for the good doctor to sue those who libel and slander him as a “conservative.” Indeed, there is precious little with which to hang such an epithet upon him. He seems eager to “conserve” Carter-era Liberalism, but is it enough?

So to the good Dr., we offer our hearty congratulations on his achievement and wish him all the best (in retirement, please) for 2015.  Bravo Charles!

The Editor

(*You thought the un-dead and zombies were fictional? Dear reader, you obviously don’t watch Fox.)

10 Comments leave one →
  1. 2014/12/23 15:07

    Are you saying that he, Bill Kristol and David Brooks should have a news show?

  2. ericdondero permalink
    2014/12/23 15:13

    Ran, shouldn’t that be “Pundit” with a ‘d’. And “pooh pooh head” with an ‘h’? Just sayin’

  3. ccoffer permalink
    2015/01/01 14:40

    I’ve been reading Krauthammer for twenty years. Your description of him is wildly inaccurate.

    • 2015/01/01 15:07

      Well, it should be fairly simple to offer counter-examples that redeem the man’s honor as a Conservative, yes?

      On the other hand, I did fail to provide links in the complaint to specific articles and appearances. My bad.

  4. ccoffer permalink
    2015/01/01 18:28

    He’s never claimed to be a conservative. He specifically identifies as a libertarian. I find these terms meaningless anyway. If Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney are both “liberals”, the word is useless as a descriptor. I will say I tend to agree with his analysis more often then not (though he did step on his dick with this Scalise thing).

    • 2015/01/01 18:47

      I find his analysis reliably spot on. He’s a sharp observer, much like Tom Friedman. Even the best lay an egg now and then.

      It’s his evaluations and conclusions that drive me up the wall – specifically, Krauthammer’s very anti-libertarian take on things like 2A or the fight to reduce centralized Federal power or spending.

      This business of open borders as a “libertarian” position is a ridiculous canard, for example. How granting easy access for the world’s poor to American hand-outs is connected to expanding and protecting personal freedoms, we will never know. They never explain. Libertarians like Milton Friedman recommended closing immigration until we first sorted-out the welfare state.

      To be fair, I’ll watch what goes down w/ the new incoming Tea Congress.

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