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So TurboTax Goes Full Tim Geithner


Hey!  You can’t deduct that! (…unless you pay for an upgrade.  Let’s talk.)

Via The BlogFather:

“People are just livid. They feel deceived,” says consumer advocate Edgar Dworsky.

Moral of the story: When one is associated, justifiably or not, with patent dishonesty then it behooves one to respond constructively and honestly.  An appearance of anything less, whether real or not, will be taken rather badly – especially if the problem disserves one’s cutomers.

This is what our daughter might describe as “an epic fail.”

Look to the Market to correct this: Tax prep competitors will make hay of this one.

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  1. 2015/01/14 15:28

    Not sure what the problem is. I’ve been using turbo tax for 10 years. The only time I had to upgrade is when I moved to AZ and rented out the house in IA. There were other forms I had to use and it was worth it as it boosted my return. I wish I didn’t even have to do this non-sense, but it is what it is.

  2. ccoffer permalink
    2015/01/17 05:51

    Lucky duck.

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