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QUINN IS BACK! April 1st


From Jim Quinn, via email, radio host and social critic extraordinaire:

ON APRIL 1ST: Quinn in the Morning will begin broadcasting from 6 am until 9 am. Live streaming, podcasts, and archives will be available in the members section of

Also coming soon: the “Warroom with Quinn” iPhone and Android APP. NO FOOLING!

QUINN: I’m looking forward to broadcasting using this cutting edge technology. There is no way I’ll fade out when you are driving under bridges or through tunnels

I am doing this because I love radio. And the nice thing about being my own boss is that the next time I get fired — I’ll be firing myself. My studio location is so secret that sometimes I don’t know where I am. But then again – at my age I frequently don’t know where I am!

Rose has been extremely supportive and instrumental in getting the show up and running and will be contributing periodically to the programming.

. . .

QUINN’s FIRST LAW: Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.

. . .

Streaming will cost five bucks a month. Yours truly considers Jim to be the finest host on radio, worth every penny!  He’s the informed, intellignet, witty Classical Liberal radio’s “Doctor” Bill Bennett only wishes he could be. Please visit Jim Quinn’s site and give him a listen.

Cheers Jim!

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