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Dear Mark R. Levin, Talk Show Host: You’ve Lost a Customer.


Mr. Levin,

Over the years you have repeatedly shamed the Conservative movement and your listeners with your ugly behavior towards call-in guests.  On Friday March 25th, you treated a perfectly polite and intelligent caller – #3, Dennis (~32:25) – with contempt and utter rudeness.  You continually talked over him, put words into his mouth and then referred to him as “stupid” after having hung-up on him.

Sir, I’ve had it with your attitude and with your show.  You could learn a great deal about professionalism from the gentlemanly attitude of many of the “backbenchers” to whom you regularly condescend.

A talk show is not a free-for-all blog comment section.  When you shame and embarrass a good man on your show, you do so in public before millions.

You have competition.  I shall tune in there.  It is particularly sad, because as an observer of the political scene, you are one of the very sharpest. Unfortunately as a man, you fail the grade.

With sincere regret,


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  1. 2016/03/27 16:30

    If you want a genteel talk show, listen to John Bachelor. Some think he’s boring, but one can learn a lot from him and he has a pleasant voice when he raconteurs. He’s an excellent story teller.

  2. ccoffer permalink
    2016/03/30 02:32

    I wonder if it just gets harder and harder to find talk radio interesting if you’re a thoughtful person of a certain age. Rush Limbaugh is the only one I can still stand and that is mostly because of the production value. There is nothing new under the sun. I’ve become convinced that we’ve made a societal deal wherein people agree to be lied to and agree to lie. There really aren’t that many true disagreements about the facts. The disagreements tend to be about whether or not the facts can be referenced at the expense of ideology. Stupidity and corruption are enjoying quite a renaissance right now.

  3. ccoffer permalink
    2016/03/30 03:35

    Or perhaps the ubiquity of political media is diluting the quality of it at every level. Hell, I can’t even find a music station that doesn’t suck. And don’t get me started on television. I think the internet is displacing everything else. I can’t stand Levin because it’s like listening to someone who just smashed his thumb with a hammer. I have enough outrage in my life. Why more? Glen Beck is essentially Billy Graham if Billy Graham was a really shitty evangelist. Laura Ingraham sounds like she’s had her jaw wired shut. Michael Medved thinks intelligence is a virtue and therefore seeks to be the most virtuous man ever born by ignoring the obvious and seeking something “smarter”. Bill Bennett is Lawrence Welk without the music. Listening to Herman Cain is essentially agreeing to being spoken down to by Uncle Remus as though you were the child and he was the adult.

    So I do podcasts instead.

    • 2016/03/30 10:22


      Pretty much full agreement, here. The only talker I’ve really enjoyed was Jim Quinn – Old liberal turned libertarian. Funny as Rush and truly a gent. He went off the air when his station got sold. I hope he’s doing podcasting?


  4. ccoffer permalink
    2016/04/02 21:53

    I actually pay to listen to Gavin McInnes 4 days a week. He’s hilarious but really weird. My phone is filled with podcasts and I still run out of stuff worth listening to. That show Norm Macdonald did was funny as hell. I still listen to the old ones. I never get tired of them.

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