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Wherein Fox’ Owners Do-In the Brand


This from Ace.  Et tu, Megyn?  Really?

Apparently the Murdochs would off Roger Ailes “for cause.”  Have they considered the damage to the brand?

There are no major Libertarian or Conservative media channels to compete with Fox, who’s editorial viewpoint is rather a mix of Libertarian, Conservative, Squishy and Liberal perspectives.  This, one may assume, is the intent of Ailes – who at the very least had the foresight to understand that libertarians and conservatives watch commercials too.

One wonders whether the vacuum of his departure will be filled by yet another squish or liberal at the helm in the mold of CNNABCCBSNBCMSDNC?  Should that sad fate arise, Fox will be competing with CNN in the race to red ink.

Yours truly doesn’t watch television at home, and for the record, there is precious little on Fox’ channels to watch while on the road. (No, not Megyn. Ever.) Still, it had been the only channel worth the bother.

I suppose all things must pass.  I will miss Roger Ailes’ Fox.

– Yos.

UPDATE: Roger has loyal friends at Fox.  Who knew?

More than we thought!

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  1. 2016/07/19 19:11

    If he did do it, he should be canned. I bet, on the inside, they know if it’s true or not. And if it is, whoever stood up for him should take a hit. If it isn’t, well then what’s it all about, alfie? None of it surprises me. Narcissistic psychopaths rise to the top and this kind of behavior is de rigueur. If she has the proof though, lets see it.

    • 2016/07/19 19:19

      The bar for harassment is too damned low. If it had been genuine harassment, then why is Kelly an anchor a decade after the fact? Then again, what you said about narcissistic psychopaths.

      • 2016/07/19 19:28

        You’d be surprised. I worked for a company in the 90’s whose CEO got sued. 40 women came forward and only 15 could certify. He settled out of court. Some women will use it to their advantage and move up. some will stay silent, either hoping it goes away or looking for other work and some will fight it and not put up with it. In each experience, it’s not a delimiter if it happened or not. Generally speaking, these types of things have to be well documented and repeated. If he said something once, it could be he said/she said. On the other hand, if there are trails of evidence, it’s going to be a problem for someone. As far as the bar being too low, remember the voicemails Bill O’Reilly left? He’s one nut, I will tell you. He should have been canned. I bet if we had frank discussions with the women that have worked at fox, we may see a pattern. It would be interesting to investigate. So many blonds…Must suit someone’s taste. 🙂

        As far as TV goes, I am surprised you didn’t subscribe to Levin TV.

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