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“This is the Internet! We can fact-check your…”



One wonders whether anything can ever be private from the very moment of pressing a keyboard.  When even the NSA can be compromised, “security” is less a fact than a wish.

Now Time magazine has the question “Why we’re losing the internet to the culture of hate” on its cover.  (“Culture” of “hate”?  Losing the internet?  We won’t bother to link Time, one of the original trolls of print).  “Hate” is Time’s epithet for “free speech”.  They never did appreciate (never mind survive) robust competition, so this is no great surprise.

Danger Will Robinson! Irony alert!

On top of this, the US will hand over the keys to the intertubes in a few month’s time, and along with them, the new controllers’ access to censorship of badthink.

Taken as dots or as a pattern, what is the outlook for freedom of speech via the digital ether?

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  1. 2016/08/18 15:24

    I have several progressive friends and what we see as free speech and the restriction thereof they see as being responsible and caring in terms of message such that we should consider others. It’s a form of enforced altruism at the expense of others because if the message fits theirs, it’s free speech. I am of the mind that anything goes pretty much. As it is, I think certain outlets self censor too much, like when bad things happen and it’s captured on video and they blot out the bad parts. We should see it all. That said, when I saw losing the internet, I though of the handover from us to the world as it were. A bad idea. I could see registration fees going up to subsidize plutocrats.

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