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John Galt, Call the Office…


Scientists invent a new steel.  Wow.


(Our thanks to Hoyt at InstaPundit)

Feminism? Hell, what is “Socialism”?


If you understand that feminism is, in part, a leveling mechanism used by less-attractive women against more-attractive women, it will make sense.” – Glenn Reynolds

Right.  And if you understand that socialism is, in it’s entirely, a leveling mechanism used by less-attractive and competent men against more-masculine and capable men, it all falls into place.




Via Instapundit’s Ed Driscoll:


The last one on the list isn’t a “downside” at all.  So it’s Six, really, to which we might add two very critical downsides missed:

7) Extremely intelligent people very rarely mature psychologically or socially. The ability to perform mental gymnastics and to achieve extraordinary success typically leads to a brutal, adolescent condescension towards “lesser” creatures.  Life becomes a permanent state of suspended adolescence.  Maturity first requires the inner strength to recognize and admit failure, and then it requires self-correction.  It’s a stimulus-response system of human growth.  Alas, very intelligent and successful people most often deny themselves that necessary stimulus for growth. (Count for yourself the number of people you’ve met who are brilliant and truly humble.)

This leads to …

8) The Flipside of the Dunning–Kruger Effect: Intelligent people typically fail to recognize the limits of their abilities.  One often finds these people assuming omnipotence much removed from their core metier.  Arrogance.  This is an extension of [Seven], above, though it takes on a life of it’s own.  Sure, the Dunning–Kruger effect is real, but it’s rare enough that brilliant individuals are forced to spend the time and effort to come to grips with their weaknesses.

Sometimes this stimulus occurs in the scientific – where doubts about the veracity of one’s findings and analysis are necessary strengths.  Too, one sometimes finds it amongst the truly religious where, again, doubt and truth are daily struggles.  Outside of these disciplines, chaos reigns. (Count for yourself the number of people you’ve met who are brilliant and truly wise.)

. . .

In your humble scribe’s experience it has been found that humility, wisdom and intelligence hardly ever coexist in the one man. They seem rather at odds.

The Blogfather Strikes


The Blogfather Strikes…

May 8, 2015

AUSTIN BAY: Remembering Okinawa. “All told, Okinawa killed 12,500 Americans and wounded approximately 50,000. It was the U.S. Navy’s biggest killer, with 4,907 sailor deaths and 4,874 wounded. Japan lost an estimated 75,000 military dead. As for civilians? Estimates run from 50,000 to 110,000.” Today, America is afraid of offending a few savages with cartoons.

Posted at 10:00 am by Glenn Reynolds

Oh, I dunno about that. All Americans, or just a select few? Giving offense is neither a goal nor something to avoid at all cost; It is rather a symptom of another’s insecurity. Hell, given what some of these pagan savages believe, I’d recommend a few heavy insults. By that, I mean a dose of reality and truthfulness – tender feewings notwithstanding.

If you seek peace…

QUINN IS BACK! April 1st


From Jim Quinn, via email, radio host and social critic extraordinaire:

ON APRIL 1ST: Quinn in the Morning will begin broadcasting from 6 am until 9 am. Live streaming, podcasts, and archives will be available in the members section of

Also coming soon: the “Warroom with Quinn” iPhone and Android APP. NO FOOLING!

QUINN: I’m looking forward to broadcasting using this cutting edge technology. There is no way I’ll fade out when you are driving under bridges or through tunnels

I am doing this because I love radio. And the nice thing about being my own boss is that the next time I get fired — I’ll be firing myself. My studio location is so secret that sometimes I don’t know where I am. But then again – at my age I frequently don’t know where I am!

Rose has been extremely supportive and instrumental in getting the show up and running and will be contributing periodically to the programming.

. . .

QUINN’s FIRST LAW: Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.

. . .

Streaming will cost five bucks a month. Yours truly considers Jim to be the finest host on radio, worth every penny!  He’s the informed, intellignet, witty Classical Liberal radio’s “Doctor” Bill Bennett only wishes he could be. Please visit Jim Quinn’s site and give him a listen.

Cheers Jim!

American Spring


Crocuses are up, the grass is rising… and Ted announces his run for the Republican nomination.

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Jeb Bush: Man For The Statist-Quo™


It’s RINO season again. In response to Jeb’s address at CPAC, and to Dick “I’m a conservative now, really! I am!” Morris’ assertion that Ted Cruz is “divisive”, an old buddy of ours emailed this:

It’s not enough to haverich moderates in your corner; Jeb needs a lot more than that to win the primary.
He’s alienating everyone, he’s alientating social cons with his pro-gay advisers, he’s alienating fiscla conservatives with his support ofr amnesty, he’s alineating both parents and teachers with his support for Common Core, and he certainly doesn’t have the ear of libertarians.
who does he have left/

Please forgive our friend’s typing.  His point is clear and brutally sharp: That Jeb is the divisive candidate, and by implication, every statist-leaning candidate sharing his pro-centralized government, anti-libertarian views.


Dyslexia Politica leads inevitably to Electile Dysfunction


Our response is that the Demos are not going to field a “moderate”; it would be folly for Republicans to alienate that huge bloc of Republicans, Independents and Democrats who are looking for a real choice.

The Bush family’s fetish for bowing and scraping before the altar of “moderation” leads Republicans into a trap.

Republican ED is a condition indicated by sagging numbers, “moderate” performance and ideological befuddlement. The condition is known colloquially as “Squishy.” The cause is a condition known as Dyslexia Politica. Put bluntly, many Republicans and “Conservatives” can’t tell Left from Right.”

Have Republicans learned nothing given the devastating losses they have suffered running liberal candidates?  From Jeb Bush’ candidacy, apparently so.

Jeb Bush: Man For The Statist-Quo™