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Jeb Bush: Man For The Statist-Quo™


It’s RINO season again. In response to Jeb’s address at CPAC, and to Dick “I’m a conservative now, really! I am!” Morris’ assertion that Ted Cruz is “divisive”, an old buddy of ours emailed this:

It’s not enough to haverich moderates in your corner; Jeb needs a lot more than that to win the primary.
He’s alienating everyone, he’s alientating social cons with his pro-gay advisers, he’s alienating fiscla conservatives with his support ofr amnesty, he’s alineating both parents and teachers with his support for Common Core, and he certainly doesn’t have the ear of libertarians.
who does he have left/

Please forgive our friend’s typing.  His point is clear and brutally sharp: That Jeb is the divisive candidate, and by implication, every statist-leaning candidate sharing his pro-centralized government, anti-libertarian views.


Dyslexia Politica leads inevitably to Electile Dysfunction


Our response is that the Demos are not going to field a “moderate”; it would be folly for Republicans to alienate that huge bloc of Republicans, Independents and Democrats who are looking for a real choice.

The Bush family’s fetish for bowing and scraping before the altar of “moderation” leads Republicans into a trap.

Republican ED is a condition indicated by sagging numbers, “moderate” performance and ideological befuddlement. The condition is known colloquially as “Squishy.” The cause is a condition known as Dyslexia Politica. Put bluntly, many Republicans and “Conservatives” can’t tell Left from Right.”

Have Republicans learned nothing given the devastating losses they have suffered running liberal candidates?  From Jeb Bush’ candidacy, apparently so.

Jeb Bush: Man For The Statist-Quo™

Wherein Ace, and Davey Frum, Miss the Obvious…


David Frum: Obama Won’t Identify Terrorist Killers as “Islamic” Because He Believes the More Authentic and Attractive Version of Islam Is Deeply Anti-Liberal and Hostile to the West

We have no real need to read Frum’s screed because, well, Frum. Please feel free to follow Ace’ link to the Atlantic (but don’t claim later that you were not warned.) In this matter, Ace too, doesn’t get it. (Rare that.)

What’s the Obvious? Glad you asked. Here’s a hint: Start the analysis with Weggie Wuv. [Nudge, nudge! Know what I mean? Eh!? Eh!?]

Let’s suppose… One observes a Black, homosexual effete who is nominally mohammedan in a position of extraordinary power.

Let us suppose further that this individual can see into the near future; a future so clear that even he can see it. The one god he actually believes in – karl marx – is about to lose his precious bearded European head in an existential battle between the forces of “social justice” on the one hand, and on the other, orthodox traditional barbaric mohammedanism.

Let us suppose that mohammedanism’s tolerance for homosexuals is deadly, and that its word for “Black” is the Arab word for “slave.” Hardly wax for the ego.

Now if one were a preening idiot primarily concerned about one’s legacy of contributions to the rise of global socialism – screw this cr@p about “allies in the struggle against violence” – it follows that the ascendancy of mohammedanism of any sort isn’t permissible. Pathetically, the Left and all that it has become is weak and decadent. Every culture and nation that has succumbed to the disease is quite literally dying. On the other hand, there is a “strong horse” emergent in the deserts.  It is attracting a lot of disaffected Lefties.

What to do?

Perhaps, if yours truly were such a man, a plan would evolve to allow one’s enemies to do the heavy lifting; to encourage  mohammedanism’s divide against itself; to see to it that the various factions were as powerful and as armed as possible – even to the point of nuclear power – and to then step aside as they slaughter and rape and burn it out on their own turf and destroy each other – and their long term mission – in the process.

Enter mahdist Shi’a, Iran; Enter salafist Sunni, ISIL. Each boasts of themselves as the rightful future global caliph. Like any two-bit mafiosi warriors, they are not likely to agree to settle differences and ally peacefully. Before the Iraqi dust settles it will get truly ugly.

Little Israel would surely suffer during such a conflict, but that is mere interest on the principal. The real goal would be to so vastly make mohammedanism insufferable and unpopular amongst “the masses” that even the faithful would turn to other ideological cynosures. With mohammedanism (and Israel) out of the way, and with America in decrepitude, socialism would be free to, well, prosper. (How any parasitic ideology, having defeated it’s hosts, could “prosper” is yours, dear reader, to imagine.)

Then one could head back the links with the boys and dream of that inevitable hole-in-one on the 19th.

On Liberty and Disintermediation


Abbreviated Glenn Reynolds:

The problem with [a libertarian] approach is that it offers insufficient opportunities for graft.

Not always, but less often than all the others.



This is what it takes to be a modern Prepper.

Glenn sees things rather differently.

Scotch-Rosemary Bread Recipe


From an old Yos family tradition, circa 1820, our secret recipe for…

Scotch-Rosemary Bread


– Water, 2/3 cup
– Water, sparkling soda, 2/3 cup
– Scotch, Macallan 20yo, 1 1/2 oz.
– Rosemary sprigs, 2
– Eggs, large, 2
– Olive oil, extra virgin, 4 tsp.
– Salt, kosher or fine, 1 1/4 tsp.
– Honey, 1 tbsp.
– Brown sugar, 2 tbsp.
– Flour, 2 2/3 cup
– Yeast


Hand-rinse rosemary sprigs and separate leaves into a small bowl.

Pour the scotch into a tall glass.  Gently add sparkling soda.

Slowly sip the scotch while you have your wife bake rosemary bread.

Voilà!  Perfect Scotch-Rosemary bread.


Tom Thomson: Northern River, 1915


. . .

Tom Thomson: Northern River, 1915

Tom Thomson: Northern River, 1915

. . .

A. J. Casson: Little Island, 1965


. . .

AJ Casson, Little Island, 1965

A. J. Casson, Little Island, 1965

. . .


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