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Scotch-Rosemary Bread Recipe


From an old Yos family tradition, circa 1820, our secret recipe for…

Scotch-Rosemary Bread


– Water, 2/3 cup
– Water, sparkling soda, 2/3 cup
– Scotch, Macallan 20yo, 1 1/2 oz.
– Rosemary sprigs, 2
– Eggs, large, 2
– Olive oil, extra virgin, 4 tsp.
– Salt, kosher or fine, 1 1/4 tsp.
– Honey, 1 tbsp.
– Brown sugar, 2 tbsp.
– Flour, 2 2/3 cup
– Yeast


Hand-rinse rosemary sprigs and separate leaves into a small bowl.

Pour the scotch into a tall glass.  Gently add sparkling soda.

Slowly sip the scotch while you have your wife bake rosemary bread.

Voilà!  Perfect Scotch-Rosemary bread.


Tom Thomson: Northern River, 1915


. . .

Tom Thomson: Northern River, 1915

Tom Thomson: Northern River, 1915

. . .

A. J. Casson: Little Island, 1965


. . .

AJ Casson, Little Island, 1965

A. J. Casson, Little Island, 1965

. . .

For The First Time In My Adult Lifetime…


… I Am Proud Of Our First Lady!

. . .

An American.

An American.

. . .

Steven Givler: Winter Blues – Or, Painting Neuhausen


Neuhausen, by Steven Givler, 2015

. . .

More here. Cheers!

Francis: “Good Catholics Use Only the Missionary Position”


At least I think that’s what he meant:

Pope Francis: Good Catholics Need Not Breed ‘Like Rabbits.’

So TurboTax Goes Full Tim Geithner


Hey!  You can’t deduct that! (…unless you pay for an upgrade.  Let’s talk.)

Via The BlogFather:

“People are just livid. They feel deceived,” says consumer advocate Edgar Dworsky.

Moral of the story: When one is associated, justifiably or not, with patent dishonesty then it behooves one to respond constructively and honestly.  An appearance of anything less, whether real or not, will be taken rather badly – especially if the problem disserves one’s cutomers.

This is what our daughter might describe as “an epic fail.”

Look to the Market to correct this: Tax prep competitors will make hay of this one.


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