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Ohio’s John Kasich names Mary Taylor as Lieutenant RINOGovernor


Mark Steyn has been warning for some time that unless we take genuine interest in and protection of our individual Liberty, we will end up with a one-party system, the Progressive Party, divided into two statist camps: The “compassionate” pro-labor party pushing for ever more state control of our lives and the “heartless” conservative party who will promise big-government security at lower cost. Cold or room temperature, the only item on the menu will be chopped liver.

Ohio, be warned.

Libertarian Republican’s Eric Dondero posts: Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich has named Ohio State Auditor Mary Taylor to share the ticket as his selection for Lieutenant Governor. Neither of these two are demonstrating much of a libertarian core – especially John Kasich. Both Kasich and Taylor appear rather to be statist “conservatives” in the mold of Ohio GOP Senator George Voinovitch. While both arrive with substantive conservative bona fides, there is little to nothing delivered by either candidate to cheer libertarians.

Auditor Taylor:

“In this economy, Ohioans deserve to know that their scarce dollars are spent wisely and efficiently.

“Despite my repeated warnings about a looming, multi-billion dollar budget hole, and the dangers of over-relying on one-time state and federal stimulus money, I was ignored. For the past three years, I’ve served the role of government watchdog; once elected Lieutenant Governor, I will assume the role of an agent of change, capable of implementing transformative policies to improve the lives of Ohioans.”

From the YouTube video:

“John Kasich and I believe, that government should only do that with which they are unable to do for themselves. We know that if government gets out of our way, businesses will create jobs here in Ohio and we will prosper.”

Pure statist bull-RINO, Mary. We have families, local community organizations, churches, synagogues, private charities – there are many appropriate avenues to resources and help for those who can not provide for themselves. We have personal, family and congregational duties to assure this. It is not Government’s business. Government MUST NOT “do for others”, it must guard out Liberty and guard our Nation and protect the Constitution. Ms. Taylor, do you truly want government that gets out of our way? That means government and bureaucracy that is significantly smaller, less regulatory, less intrusive and less “compassionate“.

The problem isn’t Kasich and Taylor, the problem is the Republican grass-roots who enable these types. When slobs such as I refuse to get involved in local Republican Party activities, this is the nonsense we get.

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