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Aussie Awsomenesse


Down Under has been rather busy of late. First Rudd’s ouster, then came news of the Australian Sex Party
Now Libertarian Republican posts news of Australia’s Jesinta Campbell:

Women in Islamic countries across the Middle East are forced to wear coverings, known as Burqas or Hijabs from heat-to-toe. In many nations, such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, such dress standards are strictly enforced by law. In front of a millions of viewers worldwide last night, watching the Miss Universe pageant, Miss Australia seemingly took a stand against such oppressive policies.

From the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Aug. 23:

Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell: What role should the government play in regulating potentially offensive clothing? “One of the greatest things we have is the freedom of choice…I don’t think the government should have any say in what we wear.”

Her answer was met with loud cheers from the audience.

Jesinta Campbell... Pure Aussie Awsomenesse

and with a few cheers from up North, too.

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