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On the Libertarian Republican today…


LR is on fire! Great posts, all of them Eric.

There was a time when human rights was part of the libertarian agenda. When libertarians cared about spreading the philosophy of liberty worldwide, and stood up against slavery, genocide, and repression of women’s rights.


Is. Shall remain so.

The global statist-progressive movement appreciates nothing more than isolationism and unilateral disarmament all decked-out in libertarian drag.

To arms:
“Some of us in the pro-defense wing of the libertarian movement still support that original part of the libertarian agenda.” – Eric Dondero.

“We of the libertarian movement still support that original part of the libertarian agenda over the objections of pacifist-isolationist pseudo-libertarians.”

Don’t be so quick to yield that ground, Eric. The pacifists, isolationists, unilateral disarmament and withdrawal types fail to acknowledge two critical facts: First, that libertarianism is a set of ideals centered about individual freedom and responsibility in the face of centralized authoritarianism and collectivism. Thus, it is universal; it applies across all borders. (Isolationism in particular can not be argued from “libertarian” first principles.)

The second difficult fact is that liberty is metastable. It is a beautiful but fragile thing. Tyranny anywhere is ultimately corrosive of freedom here, for the nature of tyranny is cancerous. One can not bury one’s head in the sand and expect the Chinese, the UN, the muzzies or any other power-hungry tyranny to keep to it’s own. Pearl Harbor and 9/11 disabused us of our naivete. Those of us not high on bath salts, that is.

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