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Let ‘er rip.


Here ya go.

NSFW.  I repeat… NSFW.

Don’t claim I didn’t warn you.

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  1. ccoffer permalink
    2011/02/04 02:44

    Those naked pics aren’t brakabama’s mother. I think it’s pretty shitty to bring her into it, even if it was her.

    The eyes are the giveaway. She had those doe eyes. They angled down and away. The naked lady doesn’t have those eyes.

  2. ccoffer permalink
    2011/02/04 03:45

    Da troof!

  3. ccoffer permalink
    2011/02/04 03:53

    Or maybe I should point out how the pics have been shopped. Start with the first one. necklaces don’t throw harsh shadows on a woman’s body.

    Look and learn.

  4. ccoffer permalink
    2011/02/04 03:56

    The more you look the more you realize it was some asshole using a computer program to spread lies.

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