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Mark Levin goes adolescent on Ron Paul by targeting Rand!?


I love irony in the morning. It smells like… er, it just smells.

I froze for a second last night when I heard Mark Levin threaten to “everything in my power” to defeat Rand Paul if his father Rand Paul loses the Primaries and runs third party.  Thoughts:

Pope Ron Paul 1st (thanks Chuck!)…  10:1 ain’t gonna run third party.

The rEVOLution has been playing itself out now for at least ten years. Ron Paul has been a significant voice in the debate between Libertarians and Conservatives.  He has moved the ball towards Constitutional Liberty, especially on domestic issues – and for that he deserves much praise and thanks.

More, if by some act of GOD we have Paul  as the Republican nominee, he will have my vote.

On “foreign” policy – that collection of issues comprising military & defense readiness, border security, piracy and terrorism policing, protection of vital national interests, protection of our allies and treaty partners, nuking the whales and global jihad… on these issues Pope Ron Paul 1st is a dangerous fool.

That given, it makes the down-ticket races all the more important: Congress is going to have to lead the next President(s) back towards sanity.

. . .

To Mark Levin – his statement struck me as morally wrong, bitter, non-Conservative and every bit moon-bat irrationally flawed – the same brush with which he (rightfully) tars Paulistas. Beyond the moral issue, Levin doesn’t understand that Rand ≠ Pope Ron.  They are significantly different ideological creatures.

IMHO Mark Levin damaged himself with yet another adolescent outburst.  It’s amazing how brilliant men can be such twits on certain issues.

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