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“Right Wing Extremism” Update


Via Instapundit: Boston Marathon bombs similar to Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground nail bomb.

“Guilty as Hell. Free as a bird. What a country!”

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  1. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2013/04/17 13:10

    And then of course there’s David Sirota’s little rant at Salon praying it’s a “White Guy”. Of course, he – like all progs – conveniently forgets that nearly all the U.S. born “white guys” who’ve engaged in bomb terrorism have essentially shared HIS political philosophy. Really makes you wonder perverse event in someone’s life transforms them into self-loathers. It’s a powerful form of masochism.

    • 2013/04/17 16:57

      That’s an interesting point, LA. In my experience I’ve found that self-loathing and selfishness are merely the flip-sides of selfishness and narcissism. When not aspects of one (sick) individual they are aspects of a co-dependent twain.

      Sirota is one virus in a broad disease, poor sod.

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