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“Paco Enterprises Takes Us All To Task” – ?


Naw.  Rather he taxes our incredulousness**.

[**UPDATE: Pac Man suggests rather that it is your humble writer who has missed the obvious… it was an attempt at Menkenesque humor.  MY bad, pal!  Thanks for the correction.! – Ed.]

[UPPERDATE: Sir Bob of Belvedere got it… and offers due penance.]

Via the inscrutable Smitty, we are linked to this: We could also call it Barack Obama Day from Paco Enterprises:

The election of Barack Obama as president of the United States on November 4, 2008 represents the most bone-headed collective decision made by the American citizenry in generations.

. . .

Permit me to anticipate a complaint: “Hold the phone, there, amigo! I didn’t vote for him! What do I have to repent of?” Let us be rigorously fair in the matter: we are all to blame. Who among us doesn’t have a gullible friend or an uninformed neighbor, upon whom the employment of even modest hortatory skills might have converted to a vote for comparative sanity? How many senile uncles out there might a loving niece or nephew have helped to a more judicious choice through the use of, say, an absentee ballot? Nay, we are all sinners.

Aaargh… you’ve missed it, dude.   Allow us, if you will, a little well-intended spirited debate (or a brutal fisking, depending upon one’s mood.)

If G-d so loves us, why are we permitted to make “bone-headed collective decisions“?  Dunno – this is just a guess:  Perhaps because as creatures of free choice, the necessity to chose to learn from our errors has value.

"Carroll Quigley"

That said, the actual bone-headed collective decision of which we are guilty is our permitting the Republican Party to suffer from Quigley’s Syndrome, wherein we let the GOP morph into the Statist Lite™ Party – the phenomenon diagnosed as Dyslexia Politica.

Our primary shame is that we lacked courage as Republicans to enter true partisan debate – we “so wanted to be wuvved” by “moderates” – so much so that those with any real republican ideology were forced into Libertarian and Conservative parties.  Big-money effete intelectual NorthEast “Republican” statist castrati schtup’d the political process such that it became almost antithetical for a Republican to hold true to Conservative or Libertarian values.  The lame-stream media labelled these Constitutional patriots as “extremist” and the RNC was happy to distance itself from them.

Enter, stage left, the brave war hero and moderate maverick John McCain. Our subsequent “employment of even modest hortatory skills might have resulted in a vote for comparativestupor

It took shock-therapy of a hard-line statist tyrant backed by a compliant congress and their fellating media to drive Rick Santelli and the Tea Party into rebellion.  Fundamental transformation?  No.  Constitutional restoration.

Results? The Night They Drove old Murky Down. An’ it ain’t just Murkowskaya gettin’ ‘er butt kicked.  NONE of this would have happenned if the crazy-guy had been elected.  Thank Providence for errors, and give eternal thanks for our capacity and opportunity to learn from them.

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  1. 2010/09/02 13:38

    The essay was simply a tongue-in-cheek exercise in the Menkeneque.

  2. 2010/09/02 13:38

    Or “Menkenesque”, rather.

  3. 2010/09/02 14:08

    Ah. Thanks, Pac Man! Yeah, sorry, I’ve never read Menkers.

    Correction shall be forthcoming.

  4. 2010/09/02 18:35

    Well, Paco’s post sure stirred the pot, no?
    I detected the “Menkenesque” tone, though I’ve never read the fellow.
    The underlying point is one I hold close.

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