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Iron Cross Dressing in Ohio?


Dan Riehl has it postedTP** Memo has the smear.

It ain’t jus’ Ohio, either:

So, the NRCC’s Young Guns program has buried Rich Iott. Ironic, as Session’s much touted program is more scam than anything according to multiple sources on the ground over the last months. What you have to do is hire the “right” GOP consultants so the GOP establishment can get its taste and your gold.

Your humble (?) blogger can’t help but think that Iott was a set-up by liberal Republicans precisely because his alleged penchant for Iron Cross Dressing was known. It boils down to operatives in the local GOP machine who knew fully well whom they foisted upon their local electorate. What, this guy wasn’t “vetted” for his “military” past? Yeah, right. No-one is going to buy the “Oooops!” routine.

On the other hand, if the TP** allegations are false, then methinks a few nasty law suits are going to develop…  So is it real, or Photoshop?  “Fake but accurate?”

There is a staggering amount of liberal rot in the RINO-rich Ohio Republican Party.  So it goes in the National GOP.  Anyone with an honest Conservative or Libertarian streak has their work cut-out for them:  The USS GOP has to be re-built at sea, plank by sheet by sail.

**TP:  Yeah, yeah… I know what you’re thinking.  You think it stands for ‘Talking Points.’  Uh-uh.

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